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chicken white meat chicken 1
4-5 cloves garlic
2 tbsp flour
sunflower oil
5-6 peppercorns
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The meat is boiled in 600 ml salted water and pepper, until almost * * thread. In a separate pot fry the finely cut garlic. As he is ready, add the flour and do not stop stirring. When the flour is ready, add 1 tbsp vinegar and stir about half a minute. Gradually pour the broth and meat and continue to stir until the mixture becomes smooth. Tampering with fresh parsley. * The quantities of products are examples.
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10 Mar 2013


It's like fricassee, right? Which end is the meal, there is something specific.

maimun_69, my grandmother also preparing ostropel, but her was a green bean. If you say that you cook and then we raki- from one end! This dish I know as White porridge with chicken.

This is a. Maslarevo - Svishtov. My grandmother cook. But otherwise I think it's from the Romanian cuisine, because I've seen there in the restaurants. On fricassee, I think garlic and vinegar are the essential difference. They sauce is not as tasteless, powdery.

Yes, Karaisen to Maslarevo distance is several kilometers.

Can reference quantity and for meat? Now set amount for almost all products, while there is whether the meat will be 200 g, 500 g or 1 kg, though :)

In a chicken-no one knows how many white chunk. I put the meat, and additional water to cover at least 1 cm ..If necessary - the valley. Therefore, I wrote that the quantities are examples. Also happens with wings, leg - the important thing is to have lean meat, and is well cooked - almost a *thread* :)

You mean that you put the white meat of chicken first?

YES! In the particular case. Otherwise improvise. Put as much as judge of the moment. For me, cooking is not mathematics.

maimun_69, it is not mathematics, but if there is no recipe quantities and is not.