Our first pickled vegetables

Submitted by enr on 12 Dec 2014
10-15 cabbages
3 heads cauliflower
10-12 peppers
1 kg carrots
8 stalks of celery
# For marinade:
300 g salt
400 g sugar
2.8 l vinegar
Our first pickled vegetables
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All products can cut them into small pieces and put them in bidonche or in jars. When you arrange everything, you can prepare the marinade. In 5 liters of water pour sugar and salt and simmer to boil must be melted. When ready to cool to avoid scalding products. When everything is ready seasoning products, add the vinegar and topping up with water to the brim, close. * I have written the ingredients so as we have done, you can try for a lesser amount.
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12 Dec 2014


Guess products are cut, but after close pickles how to store and when ready to eat?

is stored in the container in which put it, ours is in the drum and stand on the terrace, you can sit in a basement, cellar or so on.. But not too warm. Is ready in a week at most and then can be consumed. At least to us so happened.