Pancake layered cake Ladies Paradise

Submitted by enr on 24 May 2012
# For the pancakes:
3 eggs
1 tbsp sugar
1 vanilla
1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tbsp cognac
400 ml milk
1 pinch baking powder
flour - enough to make for rarely dough
# chocolate Ghana:
200 g of dark chocolate
200 g liquid pastry cream
# For the vanilla cream:
500 ml milk
3 tbsp flour (or starch Vanilla)
5 tbsp sugar
2 vanilla
60 g butter
1 egg
10 g gelatin
Pancake layered cake Ladies Paradise
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Pancakes: Eggs are broken down with the sugar, the oil and brandy. Add milk and vanilla. Put the flour and baking powder. From this mixture with about 18-20 pancakes. Pan is coated with a tissue soaked in melted butter. Chocolate Ghana: The cream is heated (should not boil) and add it to the broken chocolate. Stir until complete melting. The cream was cooled and then vigorously broken. Cream separated 2 -3 tbsp decoration. Spread the pancakes and turn of the cigar. Instead, you can use chocolate spread. The vanilla cream: milk is heated to boiling. Sugar, starch, egg and some water a little mixed up the mess. Added to the boiling milk and stirred for a few minutes. In the warm cream add the butter and vanilla. Stir gently until cool. Add the melted gelatin in a water bath. Assemble the cake: the bottom of the form standing in a pancake. Smeared with vanilla cream and arrange a row of rolled pancakes. Again smeared with cream, placed in another layer of batter. Finally ending with cream and leveled. The cake is allowed to cool for several hours in the refrigerator until firm. Is released from the mold and decorate with the rest of Ghana. The cake is cut so that the cut of pancakes is spectacular!
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24 May 2012
Surprises Mer Poppins


Leleeeee, what is this thing? Jump began to swallow! Look incredibly tempting! And quite easy! Immediately her mark out to try it, sleep will not catch me until then, I'm sure! Plagodarya, iris!

Thank you, Aliana and I long ago I had identified. I was highly impressed by the recipe like you, I hope you like it!

What a beauty! And I'm delighted as Ralitsa :) We'll surely do! I think in a rectangular shape cakes will be best (so cutting will be the most spectacular).

I thought to curl pancake rolls like snails. And in radial cut will be visible across the pancakes.

very tasty look

Reni, and I thought cakes in rectangular form, but mine is small and I would need two. It features Aliana not a bad idea, and I think that if rolled pancakes line up as banitsa example in a round baking dish May will take to become ..! Today will procure products and roll up sleeves tomorrow!

Thank you, Peter and I think that will be very light and delicious! Tomorrow I will share impressions!

I do not have time to make it tomorrow, but is loved and as soon as it's done.

Wow, what a beauty! I am very impressed! Certainly is very tasty! Will try must!

Great idea for a light and tasty cake with the possibility of interpretations! And appetizing picture :)

I finished the cake as I expected and willing to try all you want, but you will have to wait! :) Now for the recipe: I hasten to say that it is very accurate, only the vanilla cream I was not sufficient quantity.
Of pancake batter took 13 units rearranged in a baking dish (diameter 25 cm) palchinka a basis for the cake, and the other (pre-rolled) in two rows 6 (arranged as cheese pastry). As mentioned above the amount of the cream tripled, ie I used 1 250 liters of milk and other products we tightened accordingly.
Eventually get is big cake, will wait until tonight to cut a piece and show the result graphically with photos!

Oops error, the dose of the cream has increased two and a half times!

S P A H O N A T !!!

It is really great! And I saw that the cream will become less and made it into a rectangular shape cakes (and no, I was so decided). It took me 5 pancakes. I had to wait a little longer to gel cream before the saw, but my men were eager (and I :)

Ah ... these men never get enough patience! Do not get mad, Reni, importantly it was delicious, the kind you will do next time! :)

Bravo perunika, directly cake can also be called: Pancake cake 1 / Surprises Mary Poppins / or Pancake cake *Splendor*, you know how long I hit her! :) Just decide to do something with the other pancakes - and eat hop and does not get to the cream :). I mean, that pre pancakes must be poizyadeni little :)

Thank you, Marina! So many compliments and still from Wizards of the kitchen of Happy Chef, I started to blush! Cake really worthwhile and we loved it lighter delicious endured interpretations (as wrote tillia), in a word - great!

Now I blushed.Excellent deal with the *trap* that source is intentionally or unintentionally set in the recipe.Names which are written by the Internet.The photo is from the author, who has not been realized that this dose pancakes cream does not reach, because it is made pancakes, others have them invested in this wonderful cakes.I came across this recipe just this way, the pancakes were not that I became a salty cake, because I put flavor and looked sweet cake pancakes with Ghana. While organize and wonder how I need cream pancakes done :).

perunika, renito, made me dizzy with this cake. Your photos are very appetizing. Record and I sample.

Elti, thanks! Will wait with impatience and your photos!

Very tasty and impressive cake!

Nelly, great picture! Thank you for your trust!

instead Can uyski cognac, brandy and I do not want to give only 6-7 lev to 1. L

Petya, I think whiskey will not happen because there is no way to give a flavor of the pancakes. I use a homemade brandy, why not try a little flavor of rum ...? Dr. Oetker offer one and I think that her replacement will be successful!

thanks for the advice, I'll look essence, here in local stores will not neglect, but during a large chain will bowl will try. But can call on a neighbor if lend me that today will not come off the market

petqanabel, I have long instead of cognac flavor with vermouth or liquor as I have. Nice going on.

there is work that right now I only have homemade brandy and uyski that neither of the two is not appropriate, but found essence cognac will try

I made it without cognac. Is magnificent! The other way you can put some nuts.

Ivalina very glad that you liked the cake!

I have made with rum. It was a great cake!

I am the author of the recipe. Many use / where fair, where not / authorship has lost some. But here is the first place where at least someone in the comments mention the name of my blog. I'm glad the interest in the recipe. I want to clarify that this is a small cake. The volume of the heart is 1. 4 liters. For the sake of form, more cream and pancakes, of course. Alcohol in the recipe. From a child I was told that alcohol became more beautiful, not only flavor. Is not fatal if you miss. Improvise boldly on the topic with pancakes!

Vili-Konova, first welcome to us! Thanks for the positive comment if you are really the author of the recipe, you have my most sincere koplimplimenti for the wonderful cake that you create! :)

Yesterday I made the cake for birth day of my son. Just fancy, surprised my family and guests. Thank you for your amazing cake recipe. Nice and warm day!

I thank you for the trust. Good day to you!

I did it a few times. And to me is one of my favorite. Especially dark chocolate - not very sweet. But I got help with the pancakes.

Ros_iv, I admit I have not been makes this cake when you are received exactly as they should! I am glad that you love! :) :) :) As soon May will prepare and I would gladly eaten a piece :)