Submitted by enr on 31 Jan 2009
300 g chicken fillet
300 g mashed potatoes
2-3 pickles
300 g minced meat
1 onion
1 tsp cumin
ketchup decoration
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Chicken fillet cut strips and piecing the form of a pyramid at the bottom of a baking dish littered with foil. With mashed potatoes are affixes pyramid with tenderloin. Sliced ​​cucumber strips glued to each other on the puree. Cut onions mixed with minced meat and spices. The mixture is coated entirely cucumbers, as the top in the center of the volcano makes a hole and put an eggshell. Bake for about 40 minutes. At the bottom of the shell is placed candle and the cavity is filled with ketchup. It is formed by volcanic lava. In presenting lit candle.
Very difficult
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31 Jan 2009


Desi great idea. Invented his very original and it goes to Favorites!

Oleeee, I like!

Do you have pictures?

Desi Bravo! I look forward to the pictures!

Desi very original. Bravooo!

Well done, great idea! I look forward to the kind photos! Immediately goes to Favorites!

DESI BRAVO! So this is the whole attraction! Goes immediately to favorites! Next Sunday I will have guests from Montana and it sets up, without the candle - you will put the egg to seal and then ketchup ... Thank you very much!

I would buchnala a flare ... I wonder now, what is the occasion to do it ...

Rally. flares put some black dust particles such as soot, but harder!

You're right. But many will walk! But with hot, steaming ... Must be content with this: -)

Desi what about photos? Let them?

Look how majestic volcano! Super!

Reni, wonderful happened :) straight will feel sorry to eat.

Hey Reni fabulous. How it should be. Bravo! Super is not it?

Well done, I wish a volcano on the table tonight :)

I put a candle instead of cognac and lit it. Flame becomes large and is very, very impressive. Bravo to those who invented it.

Aliana, you can put a candle on a cake. I mean ones that shoot fire. The recipe is original, only it is not clear how *With the mixture is coated entirely pickles.* Does not displace tenderloin and puree?

Nothing shuffle-all as described in the recipe, do it / as I did and I / themselves and make sure everything is OK. p. p. I made 2 versions, the second was with beshamelov sauce -and I liked more than ketchup.

E looks great. Bravo very good.

Very original! Only I do not understand exactly how ordered the sirloin and with sticky paste. It would be better if a picture. Is there not raw chicken in baking volcano?

Everything is described as 6-follow steps and everything is in October The poor do not remain raw look at how many minutes bake ... can not remain raw. I've done it at least 10-something times. All access is 6. Dobarapetit!

excuse me, but I want to ask just puree of crushed potatoes or is there milk, butter, salt, etc. Thanks in advance

mashed potatoes do potatoes, milk, butter and salt.

It is very impressive picture! I tried to rig myself, but did not get. Next time I'll do a little adjustment - pre-cook a little chicken fillet, potatoes would simply seasoned with salt and a little butter without milk and secretly hope to do better :).

really tasty!

ohaaa that delicious volcano! look