Pancakes with gelatin

Submitted by enr on 25 Jun 2013
ready pancakes
jam of your choice
# For decoration:
150-300 g strawberries
100 g cherry
3-4 apricots
# For gelatin:
10 g or gelatin glaze cake powder
100 ml water
50 g sugar
1 vanilla
20 ml liquor optional
Pancakes with gelatin
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Make Pancakes - 10 g gelatin (prepared glaze) are 10-12, my ratio is 20 g, and 20-25 pancakes. Reddy pancake, jam and so to finish the pancakes he finished with pancake. Prepare gelatin - 10 g gelatin is placed in 100 ml water, allow to thicken, add 50 g sugar. Dissolved in a water bath, and finally add 1 vanilla and optional 20 ml liquor. Stir constantly and be careful not to boil - if a brewing process gelatin will not happen. Allow to cool until gelled. Cut the strawberries into slices and distribute them at the top, pour the gelatin finished as the top and sides. To decorate used cherries and apricots and a little coconut. Put it in the refrigerator for several hours. I recommend ready for icing cakes powder, if you can not make gelatin. The glaze is about 2-3 minutes, it is only necessary water.
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25 Jun 2013


Why not a cake to me quite a pancake cake seems - order pancakes, sweet row, top fruit jelly? Furthermore, how should gelatin and how to prepare and use?

corrected recipe. Personally for me is not just improvised cake with remaining batter. Gelatin as needed (according to the number of pancakes). I wrote in detail how to prepare gelatin. Recommend ready for icing cakes powder, in case anyone is difficult to make gelatin.

rorinka, as you improvise has received decent and easy :) Cakes pancakes as an approximate number to put 8-12?

For one again. gelatin (prepared glaze) to 10-12. My proportion 2 again. and about 20-25br pancakes. :)