Fruit pie Tanya

Submitted by enr on 14 Jul 2011
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup sunflower oil
3/4 cup milk
2 cup flour
10 g baking powder
Fruit pie Tanya
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Beat eggs with sugar, vanilla and the oil. Baking powder was mixed with 1 cup of flour and added along with the milk to the egg mixture. Mix well and added gradually second glass flour to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Pour the mixture into a buttered and floured pan (preferably rectangular). Top rank equidistant fruits - objectives: blueberries, cherries, damsons or small pieces: bananas, apples, apricots, plums. Bake in preheated oven 180C-200C. Cut to diamonds or rectangles. Can be sprinkled with powdered sugar. The dough is suitable for muffins.
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14 Jul 2011


Great picture.

Looks great and very tasty! :)

Thanks! This is one of my favorite pastry making, because it is very fast and easy :)

I like that ease quickly, ai with products always have. Even at the time it got involved and bake. I had no other fruit osvn grapes. I have a question - to obtain bites seventh picture kakuv size baking pan? Thanks for the recipe!

zhasmina, NE 7th picture cake with cherries (bites) and damsons (rectangles). I had a lot of cherries, so I did it in the baking pan 15 x 23 cm. Pour into remaining dough baking pan dimensions 28 X 38 cm and ordered top Giancana. If rectangles was then cut in half, would still get bites. I hope you liked the cake :)

At home we cake known as *fruit cake*. I make it with raspberries, becomes very very tasty and aromatic, soon tried and melon also be obtained. More particularly fruit-the better the score! Great recipe! Bravo!

Peko it in a round pan dia. 30 cm. It was like cake, but it was very tasty! I was able to try a little bit as it cuts, over very quickly. Tomorrow, it will
do, but in larger pan. Again thanks for the recipe

SHOCKING images! If you do not have milk, can be replaced with diluted yogurt?

perunika, I'm not trying to malini- just never stay at home; eat immediately, but I'm sure it will be great. I tried with strawberries and peaches, but once baked pastries, fruit tasted as if they were from compote. As many like to use fruit with sour streak :)

zhasmina, I'm glad you liked cakes. Top can add and retail cut or chopped nuts. The dough is cakes, I use it and muffins, and cakes cake ... Several times do cake *Magic Flower* with this recipe and became successful. Really rapidly and requires a lot of products.

ivka, becomes sour milk-based and does not need to dilute. Just put a little less flour- density should be like cake.

A great recipe! I put different fruits and became yummy.

Elti, I'm glad you liked the recipe.

pie made yesterday afternoon snack child-became very successful and delicious! thank you!

I make this pie several times with different fruits, but especially with peaches. It's quick and very very tasty.

Great cake ... fast, easy and delicious. doby thank you for sharing the recipe with us. Put a picture :)

gorgeous pie! I did it with grapes Bolgar vkashti licked his pig :) Bravo Dobby recipe!

Girls, I'm glad you liked the recipe and were happy with the result :)

Great cake. I did it with nectarines and raspberries. Very nice combination of sweet cake with a slightly acidic fruits. At the beginning of baking dough began to swell and fruits sank, but once baked pastries everything fell into place. Even get a pretty aesthetic image. Already devoured, but I have pictures. Thanks to Dobby. It is very tasty.

Darina, I'm glad that you are happy with the cake :) I'll wait to upload photos when you have time :)

Great photos! Cake looks very seductive :)

Thank you for the great recipe from scratch became a textbook, a pity that I do not have pictures, but after eating my people have made a request for a new performance

It looks delicious! Alone always like to do something like that! Soon will try to come hopefully as successful at you!

great cake! Do it 2 times already and it always like the picture :)

Very tasty!

great cake! I did it with peaches in syrup and it was magnificent! Thanks for the recipe!

Great pie! All home liked it!

Thank you for the nice words! Glad you liked the pie :)

Finally I made a picture :)

juicy pictures of renito get me to do this cake. As I remembered how delicious unable to resist.

This time I made the pie with pears and Peko in mono muffins. The recipe is really good!

Very pleasant taste. I liked. I did it with grapes vav form is super muffins

I do it often - much like us! This time it is with cherries.

Beautiful and seductive photos, as always, Reni!

This pie is one of the most favorite home! Very easily and quickly prepared and the result is always great! I've done it with a variety of fruit, but with raspberries is incredible! Was so aromatic and delicious!

Easy and delicious cake! I followed the recipe exactly, only for flavor I added a pinch mahlep. -chereshi Fetus. Many successful recipe!

tart prepared with nectarines and was very tasty.

This time it is with red currant (only with him I did not rules) :)

my ceiling is 20 of 20, but is shallow, how much is raised, the depth should spew dough? The rest I put it in tin-off shapes - Benefits Are you supposed to crouch? Finally - what is the density, as cake you - if not, will not sink inside the fruit?

liliana100, when sipvam mixture in the baking watch is about 2/3 of it. Off shapes covered with melted butter or oil. Fruits are not my sink (they rank top and not mixed). The recipe is really good, try, you will not regret it :)

Rainier, thanks very tasty happened, but something not well baked in a round pan and in the middle I was raw, as if pricking a match, but ... Nothing would do it again, but this time with another fruit that with peach and I do not like it. Someone had written down that he stands sour - and to me as if a sour peach. And do with wild plums and cherries you remove the stones? And, apart from anything, do not put in the oven immediately, it was not heated and warm up your peach sank ... but tasty was right, already eaten :)

Liliana at us as though we most liked raspberries (and plums, and pears) :) And for stones to be removed, otherwise ... it dangerous to eat :) :)

I make the recipe several times because of good reviews, but I did not receive. Best as if was the first time the baking pan was my greatest, but then not well baked. The following times became very ... high, cake, but suhichko. Muffins also been my dry. I think the problem is in many flour. Two cups if 240 ml are many. And another thing - with blueberries is not as if very well. I have a lot of blueberries, tried several cake, but when dry top cooks and become bad. Naaay better get them muffins - are wonderful when kneading dough. But were done in other recipes, not this.

liliana100, it is important to match the same cup all - and liquids to the recipe, and flour. The mixture stand rarer than cakes. Do it many times already and we especially liked. Another important degree oven to observe - once let him go 240 for faster and become dry. I always bake it in the oven baking pan (such as size I think is 40 x 40 cm) below and put the baking paper. I hope I have helped, even a little. Doby, again thank you for this great recipe! Many of my favorite and as such save it to your blog (I hope you do not mind).

iliana 100 elti explanations for the preparation of the cake are very comprehensive and there is no need to add anything to them. Blueberry is the fruit, most commonly used for this cake because it is very common to us. Matter of taste and of fruit is what will make the cake. That's what I like, because every time it's different, using different fruits. May the courage to try the recipe again :) Elti, thanks for the good reviews for the recipe! I do not mind that you wrote it down in my blog :)

I prunes and wonder what cake to do with them than sweet. I'll write what I made.

Prunes are the fruits that personally I like this cake. Hopefully remain pleased with the outcome :)

This recipe I have published back in 2004 in the culinary club I gave a link for verification.The recipe is wonderful and then prepare more than 20-25 years. It is correct to refer to the source in the publication.

Very easy and delicious cake…
01/04/0413:00 - 1 zhena

2 eggs; 1 cup sugar; 2 cups flour; 3/4 cup milk; 1/2 cup oil; 2 vanillin; 1 baking powder; 1/2 teaspoon baking soda; walnuts, raisins; 30-35 number boned cherries or sour cherries (fresh or drained from compote).
Preparation: It is about 10-15 minutes: Sift the flour and add to it: baking soda, baking powder, vanilla. Eggs are broken down to whiten sugar. Add oil and crashed again. Then milk and crashed again. Then pour the flour and again shake until fluffy. Optionally add filling raisins and walnuts, but not too much.
Cake form - usually teflon (or silicon ???) covered with oil and sprinkle lightly with flour. Pour the dough. On it are arranged symmetrically fruits and again a little raisins and walnuts. It is recommended that the fruits are not more than the specified number, otherwise in baking the cake may not rise.
Bake in well-heated oven - 250 gradusa- about 40-45 minutes. Last 5-10 minutes - a low oven, but now when the cake has risen

CVETETO3101, no problem referring to the source if I used it. Always write the source of recipes that I have seen in newspapers or saytove- you can look my recipes and I've climbed. In this case, the recipe I give my girlfriend. Therefore, the name of the recipe is *Fruit pie Tanya.* No problem on my part, if administrators decide to add the link. All the best!

ELTI, all compete with the one cup, but it is a super little dough for the oven baking pan. Mine is 40 to 30 cm and the dough reached as to curry favor in the bottom ... Maybe you should indicate the weight of the cup in the recipe, and in any event the size of the baking pan. I do not know why I'm so Extend to get me this recipe, but now will not get dumped her. Now bake apples, fruit probably also my not be suitable ... we will see coming out of the oven. Must be nice in principle, but something is not right and I do not receive. I bought a kitchen scale and now I respect recipes which have just weight. Everything works out.