Submitted by enr on 06 Sep 2003
1 1/2 cups flour
5 eggs
30 g butter
pinch of salt
frying fat
2 cup sugar
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The boiling is 2 cups (400 ml) of water. It put the butter and salt in the boiling mixture add flour, stirring continuously. Remove from heat and stir again vigorously. When cool fewer eggs are added one at a time and stirred until a smooth dough. The dough is extruded tulumbichkite, fry in preheated oil and arrange in pan on one line. Of sugar and 1 1/2 cups (300 ml) water syrup is made by mixing and the mixture was vazvaryava. Cool tulumbichki flooded with warm syrup.
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06 Sep 2003


recipe works great! Several times I used it and the result was always very successful! Tulumba are exactly as I love and am very pleased with this recipe!

recipe is incredibly good! As complexity - is not difficult!

Thank you will try, hope is really cool.

Yesterday they did, Tulumba are super delicious. Only given amount of syrup is not enough to be flooded with plenty, had to boil once more the same dose. Ate for one night. Bravo!

I definitely think it is a try. Will write what is received. Cross your fingers.

Many love them, and yet afraid to do anything from boiled dough, it seems difficult, but obviously have to try.

It is easy boiled dough is very easy to prepare :)

recipe is super, I love tolumbichki and the picture is great, bravo!

We'll give them a try. The recipe is easy. Thank you!

The picture is Binur that has online cookbook. Tulumba of millions in the net most resembled my own.

himself always wanted to learn to do them now is the time look very appetizing

in Sliven call them *the Japanese* !!! The recipe that I prepare them is almost the same !!!Really good!

One cup of flour is about 155 g ... In the recipe says 1 1/2 flour or 300 g., Which does not reflect reality. Would you please specify what is the right amount of flour!

It depends on how big the cup. If it has a capacity 240mililitra teo cup flour is approximately 125 g.

hmm why I have memory that dough tolumbichki must have cottage cheese !? I've never done, but I've heard ... or wrong?

I think something is wrong, Petya:-) steamed dough has consistency bakery where there curd. Maybe they mislead? I made this recipe I already 3 times - the result was always the same, just Tulumba, they are made in BG and Turkish Tea.

One cup of 200ml filled with flour, is 125, the One cup of 250ml is 175 g flour- now weighed them. Just with such a great cup of flour in the recipe, and the water in milliliters - 400ml. The outcome several times I have written:-)

only wonder how much truth must dough before putting the eggs. Should I become lukewarm - not bother to cross the eggs.

Emil, I often do puff. In some recipes eggs are placed immediately, others wait for 4-5 minutes. I personally always put the first egg immediately, wait 3-4 minutes and put the next. After each egg beating until fully absorb, and only then put the next. Eggs have never crossed my, even when another recipe put them immediately. The dough is shiny and extractions agitators form *threads* or *peaks*. Good luck and have your sweet Tulumba:-)

I add: If you wait to become lukewarm dough will form a crust.

Aliana, thanks for the advice. Istanaha made them better than those you can buy. I am very pleased with the recipe. Really are very good.

I am very pleased! Tulumbichki received is wonderful!

Many successful recipe. I enclose a photo. Are super.

love them and will definitely try them :) but can not make spraying and pouring spoon as fritters :)

Desi can. Not with luzhichka I last them shaping the balls just hands, but immersed in oil. The taste is still the same, only the type is different.

Many thanks for the fast reply :) will try them tomorrow, because now the cake is already being done :)

recipe is exesweetd and the result is great! For those who are not prepared a puff before - after you add the flour to the boiling water, stir vigorously with a spoon and lower the almost immediately after the addition of flour. The temperature of the dough should be affordable for your hand and then is the time to add the eggs - I prefer them added all at once and mix with electric mixer and dough mixer until a very smooth table. I have no gun, so I took a spoon and drop the dough into boiling oil - obtained in the form of balls :) - once again thanks for the recipe!

Steffanel, tulumbichkite you are top! At home it is difficult to achieve such a result. Great look!

The more small more easily made, the dough is thick and occurs in only recipe I put 2 eggs, crispy and juicy became.

Ahhh, Steffanell tolumbichkite you are gorgeous, straight sighed as I saw them. His great master!

How I threw in the basket until they caught hang.

We love tulumbichki! The recipe is easy and are very delicious!

become incredibly again better and are of Commercial Premium!

are great, thanks for the recipe

Tulumbichkite fry in a pan with plenty of oil but not in a pan with some oil.

first do and become very easy and successful (delicious). I added only 1 vanilla dough and syrup + h. L. Lemon juice and a few drops of rum. And the syrup seemed to me a little because I did not have a suitable syringe and made them with small cakes have become quite so syrup from 3 pm. H. Sugar and 4 pm. H. Water