Peppers filling - winter supplies in the freezer

Submitted by enr on 11 Sep 2011
10 kg peppers (red, green - of your choice)
200 g salt
200 g sugar
Peppers filling - winter supplies in the freezer
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Mix the salt and sugar. Peppers thoroughly wash and remove the stems and seeds. Their interior sprinkle with a mixture of salt and sugar and put in a deep saucepan. The remaining amount of salt and sugar is sprinkled on top. After 12 hours drain the juice, slightly pressed and rank in bags. Be stored in a freezer, but have no direct access to the camera (for salt). Thus prepare peppers than ten years and are very tasty when prepared with minced meat and rice, with feta cheese plate of BBQ etc.
Very easy
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11 Sep 2011


Snahami loaded freezer net peppers in one another without anything here about the role of salt and sugar? Interesting way!

Perhaps sprinkled with salt and peppers soften stayed 24 hours and do not take up much space in the refrigerator, put sugar on padabryavane taste? I put them only clean, but prior to slightly wilted, they can be squeezed tightly in the bag.

aim is to soften peppers, allocate part of the water and cooking are very tasty. Thus hold more. My mother used the same peppers in jars, sealed and gently boil for cap - 1min.

Thanks for the information will be put in!