Persian rice

Submitted by enr on 24 Oct 2010
500 g Basmati rice
70 g butter
1 pinch saffron
Persian rice
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Soaking saffron in a cup with 100 ml water. Put in a large saucepan of water to a boil. When water boils, add salt, then add the well-washed with cold water and drained rice. Wash rice well to his left surface starch and then not sticky. Once the boil 7-8 minutes, drained and wash it in a sieve with cold water again, then put it aside. In a saucepan (can be the same), put the butter to melt and lightly fried, add water to the soaked saffron and mix well after (to boil), back into the cup almost the same amount of liquid - about 100 ml. Back drained rice into the pan and spread evenly, do impeller 5 holes and pour over rice liquid from the cup. Put the lid tightly, as we have previously wrapped in a clean cloth. PLATES switch to the lowest level. After 40 minutes turn off the heat and leave for 20 minutes without opening the lid. Open the cover and put the top round plate or tray and turn quickly, carefully lift the pot, the rice must have fallen like a cake with orange crust. Rice bottom must be mealy. Serve immediately, optional with butter. * Can be made with equal amounts of butter and olive oil.
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24 Oct 2010


This rice is delicious and if this is the recipe for making it - well done! Maybe you should specify the time with saffron, I think is described vaguely. The easiest rice is washed in a strainer under running water was ground continuously until the water from white becomes quite clear, not nacreous. A crisp crust is much appreciated by the Persians, it is an indicator of whether the rice is successful. To make sure that the rice will be paid a lump immediately dip the bottom of the hot pan in cold water, hissed. Naturally we talk about quality pots, not those that could be damaged (this remark was uttered in the forum about the procedure with cold water:-)

A pinch of saffron, I mean 15-20 li4inki depends how obi4ash taste of saffron. Immersed in the water 4ashata and so it turns yellow. If you can use real saffron, not ground mixtures because it most 4esto not saffron and turmeric.

I know that, I meant procedure pouring and pouring water:-) But now I know exactly what is done with water:-) Thanks for the reviews.