Pita shaped the idea of ​​Valentina Zurkan

Submitted by enr on 01 Jan 2012
about 5 cups flour (600-650 g)
20 g fresh yeast
1 cup (200 ml) milk
1 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp yogurt
2 tbsp sunflower oil
1 egg + 1 egg white
1 level tbsp salt
60 g butter - spreads
# greasing the pita:
1 yolk
1 tsp fresh milk
a few drops of sunflower oil
Pita shaped the idea of ​​Valentina Zurkan
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Sift the flour 3 times, while the third screening, salt is added. In the slightly warmed milk, mixed with sugar, blurred yeast, add 2-3 tbsp flour and allowed to rise covered in a warm place. In the flour is made well. Add rise yeast, yogurt, and slightly beaten egg whites and the oil. Knead into a soft dough. Place in a greased container, cover and leave in a warm place to rise. The finished dough is transferred onto a lightly floured surface. Divide into 4 parts. Each part is formed into a roll and then rolled into a rectangle with a length of about 40 cm (2 spans). Each rectangle is smeared with melted butter. Placed on one another and roll that with a sharp knife cut to 9 equal pieces. Each piece is pressed with a thin rolling pin (or a thick wooden stick), first lengthwise, then in width (see photos) to blossom * *. One piece is placed in the middle of buttered (or covered with baking paper) tray. The remaining 8 are arranged around. Leave to rise. The pita is coated with beaten with milk and the oil yolk. After several minutes, the staining was repeated (for greater gloss after baking). Heat the oven to 180C. After the first 10-15 minutes is reduced to 160C. Bake until golden brown. Try to stand with a wooden skewer. Hot baked pita smeared with butter and leave on a wire rack until cool (after the butter is absorbed, the pita covered with cloth to remain soft). * Since discovering beautifully shaped baking of Valentina Zurkan and I'm obsessed with her ideas for the layout of dough. I decided to start with something not so complicated. This is my first experience, not very successful, but I'm on principle - * * trial and error. Never can be compared with its subtle creations, but still need to start somewhere. I could not find a written explanation of how to shape the pita and relied on photos. The dough is not Valentina Zurkan, and tested by me in other buns. * 1 cup = 200 ml
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01 Jan 2012


in your loving, her little sole - only decoration is 6 -velikolepna you

Didi, thanks for the kind words. Her look great. Maybe my dough was a little softer.

Yes, its been very beautiful, but not as puffy as we are accustomed to do-at least I prefer puffed. Since I found them-just so I started to do the cakes. Simple and beautiful!

Inche just the recipe you nice cake is vylshebna

Rights, the bread became *fuzzy* in layers. Now I think I might have cataloged in *testing* to a section in which to share different ways of shaping the tortillas without recipes. I looked again and yours - are gorgeous, I understood how some are formed, but they are baked, more difficult to unveils.

Well, everything is up to the dough - I do not Sym climbed cakes here naposledyk was quite busy and has not had time. These days you get when you want to izpykne figurations knead dough for buns or lean asks. Sorry but the effect of decoration lost smisylyt if your cake is not fluffy, large, of vyzylcheta. I prefer your loaf

I liked the idea of ​​forming the cake. I did not use the recipe itself, because I wanted lean asking (for it will not put evaluation). The technology itself is very simple and yet very effective. Top covered with a mixture of oil and honey.

Elti, is gorgeous! Just so it should be. The purpose of the shared recipe is exactly this - the idea of ​​the layout of the cake, not the dough. I am very glad that he did it.

Elti, great beauty you did!

Thank you! Live was more beautiful (something I did not photograph it properly). And I decided to fix the assessment - really the idea of ​​shaping is leading here (not tolko recipe itself).

will get you only half a cube of yeast? I want to do for New Year and if you confirm you trust and then will write :)

Melita, bread, which I have done and the pictures is exactly specified quantities of products. Half a pack / 42 g / live yeast is sufficient for 600-700 g of flour. Good luck :)

Lent bread shaped again on this idea.

I can not believe how I skip this cake! Put in favorite and St. George, the bread will be that! Thank Elti hint :)

It is very easy and very beautiful finish :). Good cakes I've seen in you, perunika, success and with this!

Snow, you liked her in May to form vegetable cakes! :) Again look perfect!

This happens Inche that more I think about it during fasting :) Thank you showed this simple technique to ensure good vision!

Can you add cheese in the cake?

I always put plenty of cheese, sunflower seeds and sesame cake is gorgeous in every way, with or without cheese is delicious meals.

Iliana may, of course. I've only shared the idea to form the loaf. Flowers, thank you for your timely response and helped Iliana! :)

I am very pleased with the recipe. Became great pitka- fluffy, tasty, with a nice crust. Narasih with plenty of cheese and sprinkled with a mix of seeds. Thanks for your help and ideas :)

Melita, very glad that you liked the cake! Happy Holidays! :)

Ina, great performance and also a new version of the test. I am convinced that the dough is successful, because with many of these products do called. *Eternal dough* and I know that is delicious. Not yet have the courage to try mesh V.Zurkan only gather its fotosi- from *Odnoklasniki* so to newest. Here are ideas from Zurkan http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3332163/post253486914/ and http://www.newsfiber.com/p/s/m?msg=Z6mqyKjPAvo%3D
I'm sure you can do any of these knits (I mean you wicker bread, etc.)! Applause from me to you, Inche! :)

CVETETO3101, thank you for the kind words! Also link / second could not open /. Many interesting suggestions! Guideline for the many wonderful kulinarki site! :)

Inche, to me opens smoothly and the second link - try putt! :) If not - look at this site New SHEDEVRЫ vыpechki by Valentina Zurkan / Becker. Will look for other links specially for you dear maystoritse! :)http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3386079/post182366194/
http://vsevidno.ru/vision/?eyes=57319 (some things pontaryat of prpedishnite links)
http://www.bg-mamma.com/index.php?topic=522312.msg16330738#msg16330738 - experience of our girls
There are many more in the net, but so far ATOVA me! :)

link me open, but some software program. Thank you and other links! I marvel at the ideas of Tsurkan. The master is a master! With podmushvane, formed by turning such masterpieces! :) We just copy it! :)