Pizza with cream sauce

Submitted by enr on 21 Nov 2010
ready pizza dough
2-3 tbsp chutney
1 green pepper, cut into rings
100 g feta cheese mozzarella (grated)
150 g cheese
50 g of canned mushrooms, cut into pieces
100 g cooking cream
100 g chicken breast (boiled and choppy)
Roll out the dough in a greased pan and spread with chutney. In a saucepan mix the cream, chicken and mushrooms and put to boil. When it boils, add the feta cheese mozzarella and get out of the heat. Once cool, pour over chutney and sprinkle with cheese. Decorate with pepper. Bake in a moderate oven until ready. * For pizza in a pan with a diameter of 32 cm.
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21 Nov 2010


We love pizza and cream guess that would be great! Mozzarella not that soft cheese? At least one that I have seen such and perhaps hardly be grated, but it does easily melted into the sauce for the pizza, but I think this is exactly the aim, right ?!

Darling, have mozzarella, which is like a ball and is sold in vacuum bag, but there is one that looks like cheese and can be cut and starzhe- used for pizza because it melts nice :) no sauce obtained rare. I would shoot last night, but we came guests and I had nothing kids eat it :)

I loved this idea of ​​pizza - especially with white meat. Instead of ham or sausages - with preservatives and meat of unknown origin and other additives. A grating mozzarella - it. When the cheese is grated better dissolves in the sauce - both fondue. Mozzarella cheese is as presnosolnoto - no ricotta or mascarpone cheese or brie or camembert or melted cheese t. Is not a typical soft cheese.

Marinka, I'm glad that you do like, and may decide to do :) I generally look to write a recipe when I have done so I can get and snimka- that day did the pizza, but we came unexpected guests and the children were eager to pizza hihi :) Mozzarella melts easily and is therefore used for pizza and I even put on the edges and turn so as to obtain as curb. As pisah- motsarela- has a white, but not a rigid and another which has a square shape (for toast) and resemble the cheese. No matter what will be used.