Plums in Armagnac

Submitted by enr on 03 Mar 2009
100 g sugar
2 oranges
500 ml orange juice
1 kg prunes pitted
750 ml red wine
250 ml Armagnac or Cognac
Orange used sheet, shredded or thread (with a special device). Sugar is caramelized in honey, add orange peel, stir, as to become hot, extinguish with orange juice. Liquid is complemented with wine, put the plums and bring to the boil. Transfer to a large, well-fitting container, pour Armagnac and seal. When the merger swell and reach its normal size, are ready. * Plums are used to ice cream, pancakes, donuts, cookies omelettes, biscuits, light creams, sweets, ice-cream. * are suitable to roast red meat. * The liquid is incredibly fuller taste. As mulled wine or liquor, or as frozen sorbet, frozen cubes instead of ice cold tea. * Can be used fresh plums or damsons. Then you should stay at least 3-4 hours, preferably overnight.
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03 Mar 2009


That sounds interesting :) Is it wanted fluid from plums after swell? How do you keep?

Plums remain alcohol tightly closed. It is a preservative. When they reach their final size, they do not take on more. Depending on how dry the fruit, with time can take and all the liquid. Take only as much as will be consumed, and the rest remain in the mixture of wine and Armagnac. In a cool dark place, like a closet or Salma, can be stored for months. In court confused with perfectly clean utensil.

Many thanks for the clarification :) All I knew now leave and probram recipe :)