Pork with cabbage and leeks in cookers

Submitted by enr on 27 Feb 2014
1 sour cabbage - cut into julienne
800 g - 1 kg pork - breast (chops)
3-4 leeks - on rings
3-4 tsp red pepper
1-2 bay leaves
10-12 peppercorns
5-6 Allspice
5-6 tbsp sunflower oil
cabbage juice (less water)
little butter - if the bake
Removal of the stalk cabbage and then cut into julienne. Cabbage divide into 2 parts. With one half paving the bottom of the cooker pot (pressure cooker). Sprinkle with a little paprika (about 1 tsp). Is half chopped leeks and arrange it on the meat cut into portions. Put them spices - bay leaf, black pepper and allspice. Top put other leeks and again sprinkle with 1-2 tsp paprika. On leeks put the second half sliced ​​cabbage. Again sprinkle with 1 tsp paprika. Watered with the oil and a little cabbage juice (or water) - but not much, because cookers evaporation is minimal. Close the lid and allow to boil for 5 Miss the stove. Once boiling is reduced to 2 seats and boil until ready. I brew 2:00. It can be consumed and so, but tasty happens if boiled meat with cabbage transfer to a baking dish and top put a few places a little butter for a noble taste. bake oven on (perhaps a fan of moderate oven) until browned. * Cabbage mazninka loves meat and therefore must be sufficiently colorful. * If the fluid after cooking is over, remove it before plate. * If you want the process of consumption to avoid removal of spices - the boiling previously put spices in metal egg * * (tea - sold in shops for 1 lev and some supermarkets) and after cooking simply remove the tray.
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27 Feb 2014


cookers is a pressure cooker, do not you?

Flower, interesting option! I drive a lazy way :) - mix everything and put in pan / guess that it is a pressure cooker? /. Then bake. Initially, I liked the idea of ​​putting up the spices in the *egg*. But then I thought - it's metal and whether it is appropriate in combination with sauerkraut? A really little uncomfortable then be taken to the grains allspice and pepper. I read somewhere that these spices can be put in gauze and tie a bundle, then discarded. Why boil so much time - 2:00? Typically in such a pot the meat becomes ready for no more than 30 minutes. Thank you for your proposal - next time I will do as you! :)

Always prepare sauerkraut thus. It does not nibbling, stew very well, and then browning is so delicious! :)

The same do in clay casseroles. Also becomes very tasty and cabbage stew. Finally bake and clean off the cover and back in the oven until poizpari excess liquid. Sometimes skip over the leeks.

right xevi! Pressure cooker. My big-Turkish and already at least 15 years'm not mislead (tire is a whole). Inche, then it is completely lazy way :) :) Apparently cook the same way :) I do not know why, but when I brew for short - says Iris - I nibbled. The secret of the taste of this dish is in spices leeks + + + red pepper oil last. Yesterday it cooked and it was superb. As for the egg - then there is no metallic taste. It itself is a pot alpaca. I have tried other dishes with gauze, but often remain long hairs of cooking and more of gauze I smell (or imagine? ). Gauze use only very quickly when robbing excess fat in the soup (to turn a lump of ice in gauze).
Really becomes very tasty and casseroles. Sometimes they do so, ceckavd - but when zelentseto my home and well rise.
Just forgot to add that for lovers of lyutichko - can put a few drops of hot sauce or even better - dry spicy red pepper. Hello! :)

Here we again learned something new - for skimming fat! I'm glad I said! It in my cooking no excess fat, but it is good person to know! :) A very pepper rights - particularly if you prepechesh before putting it in the dish! :)

I had not thought of skimming fat this way. Thanks for sharing. Will try. A chilli naaplno agree toasted gives a nice flavor and is delicious.