Pork sirloin with spices

Submitted by enr on 13 Feb 2009
pork sirloin
Pork sirloin with spices
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The meat is salted well and leave to cool in a large sealed container for 1 day. Rinse and add some nice pre-mixed with red pepper, savory and pepper (their proportions are taste) by pressing to adhere well. Of one carat is passed with a large needle with a thread or string, make a noose and hang to dry in a well ventilated place. Ready for consumption after approximately 2 weeks - it depends on the thickness of the tenderloin. It is desirable to cover the paper until dry, but not too tightly, to avoid being pecked by birds.
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13 Feb 2009


Bravo Maggie big yummy accompanied with super photos! :))

Desi, this is a specialty of my husband, he goes very red of wine! :)

magi71 MMMMMMMMMMkolko is nice this recipe and shteya do my kanadcheta BRAVO

We do small loins. Can be used ready Seasoning meat. Is incredibly delicious.

Katya, thank you! We make them every winter :)

Very tasty, but whether it can be done with other pork sirloin besides?

Zori, sirloin fillet is, and I'm not sure whether it will have the same result if you do the other part of the pig. These days we went back a sirloin on the terrace :)

Thanks for the quick response. I decided to try the meat from the leg - picked clean of meat. I'll write it try to taste.

It was a great appetizer and leg meat

Zori, pozdavleniya! Will already know that I can get it made with meat from the legs :)

Thank you! Our already Eat, great run red of wine :)

This recipe I love it!

First attempt with chicken. Recipe filled 1: 1, slowed only time salting 7 hours and see what happens :)