Port marinated chernokop

Submitted by enr on 13 Dec 2012
fish - chernokop, horse mackerel
sea salt
bay leaf
sunflower oil
Port marinated chernokop
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Fish is cleaned of heads and entrails. Sea salt with water to make brine, so concentrated that submerged raw egg to emerge as the amount of 20 cents. The cleaned fish is placed in a brine bath for about 12 hours, then pulls out and again placed in a clean brine, second residence time in the brine was again for 12 hours, to bleed the fish and the appearance of the liquid is clear, it depends on good cleaning fish at the beginning. The fish is removed from the solution in a suitable container and pour the vinegar, the vinegar stand in 4 hours, and then placed in the network is allowed to drain all fluids. So the prepared fish ranks rights in jars, the bottom of which put a bay leaf and 2-3 grains allspice, after filling the jars again put a bay leaf and allspice to taste. Finished jars are covered with parched cold sunflower oil and closed. After several days, the fish is ready for consumption. indicate the exact proportions all depends on the amount of fish. For 4 kg chernokop used about 2 kg sea salt and 3.5 liters of vinegar. From 4 kg of fish went 4 jar of 720 ml tightly arranged.
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13 Dec 2012


Yala I marinated chernokop and I can say that at least for me it is one of the most delicious fish! If you can try! will certainly take this recipe :)!

The fish is really delicious, the last time mixed the album with horse mackerel to enrich uromatite