Potatoes in foil

Submitted by enr on 05 Apr 2008
8 large potatoes
60 g butter
100 g feta cheese
Potatoes in foil
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Peel the potatoes very nice with a brush and dry. Carved in every hole, put it inside grated feta cheese, black pepper and a lump of butter. Each potato wrapped in foil, coated inside with butter and bake at BBQ or in preheated oven for 30-40 minutes. Serve with fthe oil, as the top opens. Optional is served with yogurt dill and garlic. Potatoes can be filled instead with feta feta cheese, with Emmental - then you are in Italian. Perhaps a French cheese ... but with our like that you are the most beautiful.
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05 Apr 2008


very interesting and very easy to make it obligatory

At what temperature to bake in the oven?

Today I made them for dinner! My husband was delighted! Bravo for a great recipe!

recipe like! To favorites is!

potatoes may only be scorched and still hot rolled foil, then hit several times in the table, cut and fill with whatever you like (Heinz beans, Russian salad, cheese, etc.).

Ira, but then the taste is quite different ... Each technique gives a different taste. And we love baked potatoes with various toppings, but when you bake it all together - is another.

recipe I liked. Half an hour is not enough for baking (at 250c) I bake them for 1 hour and even where they were baked where not ... but it was still tasty. I added salamche. Will now upload photos how they received my fries :)

Thus prepared and baked potatoes are very tasty. I have tried broiled with garlic powder and mix of spices. Much yummy. Very often when you bake something in the oven and put a few potatoes. Very easy and delicious, good for a main dish or side dish only.

Very tasty fries