Pretzels with salt bush

Submitted by enr on 25 Jul 2011
# For the dough:
500 flour (4 cups)
7 g of dry yeast (1 packet)
1 tsp salt
150 ml sunflower oil (12-13 tbsp)
1 / 2 tsp sugar
1 cup yogurt
white of egg
melted butter spreads
# For the filling:
300-400 g salt bush
2-3 scallions
150-200 g feta cheese
salt and pepper
sunflower oil
fresh dill
# For spreads:
1 yolk
1 tsp milk or a few drops of sunflower oil
seed for sprinkling (linseed, poppy, sunflower, sesame, etc.)
Pretzels with salt bush
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In the sifted flour make a well in which place dry yeast, salt, sugar , the oil, yogurt and knead about 10-15 minutes (to get a good result, the dough must be worked very well), until you get a dough that will not stick to your hands. Cover the dough with a clean cloth and leave in a warm place to rise. chopped onion stew in a little sunflower oil. Then add chopped (pre-cleaned and washed) and orache dozadushete until slightly soft. Remove from heat. As cooled down, add mashed feta cheese, chopped dill, mix and, if necessary, season with salt and pepper. Pour the dough on a floured surface. Rolled and cut into 12 (16) pieces. Roll out each piece on a long rectangular sheet and brush with melted butter (width Roll sheet should be applied 3 times its length). At one end put 1 tsp of the mixture. The first third of the sheet to bend along the diagonal, so as to obtain a triangle. Press the open end will keep the stuffing. Continue to bend the sheet into triangles. Folded total of 5 times (see photos). Place them on a tray covered with baking paper, at a distance from one another. Allow them to rise. Dab with shattered with milk (sunflower oil) yolk. As pozasahne repeat staining. Sprinkle with seeds and then bake in preheated oven for 30-35 minutes over medium heat until nicely golden brown. Can be eaten as hot and cold. Reserve 2-3 days in a plastic bag. * 1 cup = 200 ml * The dose is 1 square tray of el. Stove. * From experience - to define the length of the rolled out sheet in the preparation of 12 pretzels, width get about 5 fingers (the width of the palm). That was my reference, length is 15 digits (3 times the palm). * pretzels are very fragile, as made with puff pastry. * This dough can be used and other stuffing - savory or sweet. * The dough can be rolled into a circle to bake with melted butter, to split 12/16 / sector, put the filling on the wide side of the triangle and curl buns. * The trick to re-apply fresh yolk learned from somewhere - Internet or television cooking show, I do not remember exactly. This gets more luster of pasta - buns, crackers, buns, etc.
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25 Jul 2011
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Tillia, pretzels look so appetizing! The explanation is very detailed and photos help. Break pretzels last picture really izlezhda as made of puff pastry. The recipe is already a favorite and will try it in due time!

Thank you Ina again iznanadvash me with a nice recipe and beautiful pictures. It remains only to try, but now goes to Favorites waiting to order.

Thank you and me. This recipe most like dough. Fillings can all.

A great recipe! Many successful shooting. Bravo

Rossi, thank you! Glad reappeared on the horizon!

In a favorite! Very detailed recipe, just like me, thank Ina!

Aneta, I'm glad that I shared with useful recipe!

Very tasty pretzels. I made them with spinach. Roll me was almost impossible, but struggled :).

John, You have done great! If you still make them, albeit with different stuffing, you will now be easier.

This recipe is just great. Today I made them, but with egg and cheese. Became one mekichki and very pleasant smelling. Which not tried them dropped a lot. Ina, heartily thank you for this recipe, and that this share with us all the subtleties that you learned over the years.

Well, thank you for the confidence shared recipe! And in the previous comments I have written - can be used and other stuffing.

white of an egg to what is

Vesi, somewhere I've wiped out the way! Are supposed to read several times the recipes before uploading them, but still happens gap! Thank you for of observation. The protein is placed together with the other ingredients to make the dough.

thanks, I'll try it in due time!

Pretzels did last week and today thanks to the delicious recipe. I was stuffing of cheese and egg, a little fenugreek and sesame on top.
Very tasty! Upload a photo.

janova, very glad that you made pretzels and upload photos! Look great! In this recipe the dough is important in the stuffing and shaping are optional! :!

Tillia, thanks! Dough with rising twice, requires more time but worth it. Good night!