Pulp (4 months)

Submitted by enr on 03 Apr 2009
1/2 banana
1/2 apple
1/2 pear
juice of 1 orange
Banana, apple and pear Strain well and add the juice and orange .
Very easy
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03 Apr 2009


It is rather a fruit puree.

Do such puree my baby. It is very tasty. BUT orange not give a baby under a year old, / let alone four month /.

And if the baby tolerate gluten (after the fifth, sixth month) may be added to the puree ordinary biscuits.

is not good to give orange 4 month baby, so I would not put juice to this paste.

Even raw fruits are given after 6-7 months at the earliest!

What do you think that fruit does not give a baby does not mean that the recipe is bad.

Fruits are given, but not harsh. Because raw fruits this recipe is bad!

Just because the fruit can not say that is a bad recipe after you have not tried. If na_tali change as the title is not over 4mes then it will not be bad right?

Orange and other citrus fruits are given after age 1, as they are strong allergens.

recipe is not bad but the title would be better to change. Citrus are not recommended for 4-month-olds, and raw fruits. Banana is also Allegro and not all babies tolerate it, mine is 4 months Aubrey 1 spoon.