Roll of Mexican pita with grilled chicken - Flauta

Submitted by enr on 29 Oct 2014
1 tortilla - Mexican pita
piece of chicken with a thick thumb and as long tortilata
piece of smoked feta cheese a little shorter than the piece of chicken
Roll of Mexican pita with grilled chicken - Flauta
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Tortilata warms gently in a microwave to be wound more easily. Piece chicken broached one minute until turns white, but not browned. Smoked chicken and feta cheese are placed in the middle of tortilata and it is wound tight. Put it on a hot grill ledge down and bake 2-3 minutes until smoked feta cheese melt half and tortilata turn pink. Go with a green salad and buttermilk. * smoked feta cheese must be as thick as your thumb, because if it is sliced ​​and melts all expire on the grill. The idea is part of it to melt and leak into tortilata, the rest is all over.
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29 Oct 2014
my interpretation of flauta When the Rain comes in Karls (fast food)


brothers Mexicans have no concept of kefir. Flautas served with salsa verde or salsa of green tomatoes ...

anah_su-namun, anywhere in the recipe I am told that Mexicans served flute with kefir and that *goes with buttermilk and green salad.* Can be served with whatever you want - in Karls serves it with avocado salsa. To my taste - with kefir is great.

Karls an American chain of fast food restaurants. Generally in such establishments *Mexican* food has nothing to do with the Mexican. A front avocado salsa, guacamole I prefer:) Anyway ... Taste and color - Comrade net :)

Nice in December Do I have the recipes here are absolutely *ethnically correct*? Zashoto if so, Mexican salsa from green tomatoes not made with green tomatoes with a tomatilos not green tomatoes, although the plant is located, it tomatine tomatoes. I combine different ideas from different cuisines. Therefore, the recipe I have given option where tortilata can be replaced with a crust baked sach. Now if that is not allowed on this site, I would like to address the moderator and publicly apologize that I recommend flute be combined with kefir, advocating an eclectic cuisine.

All combine what we here is delicious, no need to apologize :)

Thank you, Navy! :)

Thanks for the recipe! Very tasty seem Saturday would say try it!

double *l* in *tomatillos* not read *l*. And - left ingredients to brew salsa verde exactly immature tomatoes ... These are the kind of green tomatoes and Bulgarian You can easily translate them as green tomatoes, but as you fall to the letter will tell TYPE green tomatoes. I do not know why such a defensive position all the way and the administrator art involving ... I thought this is a site where you can express freely what he thinks about a recipe. 95% of the recipes on the site are just amazing - very tasty and easy to prepare, for which I give thanks, but definitely not to write superlatives ... things (we call them) that to me personally and my family do not like and which are TYPE (in this case Mexican) not to say Americanized ...

It's not about the letter. Salsa verde can be made with green tomatoes, they sometimes will not have the same, or even similar tastes. Mexican cuisine requires products that are not everywhere, some may be replaced by local products, some can not. Naturally, if someone wants to taste authentic Mexican cuisine, it is best to go to Mexico. When recipes are transmitted axis side to side, person complies with what can be found in the country and what can not. So I proposed lettuce instead of salsa verde zashoto in Bulgaria and in many other places *tomatiyo* can not be found. Good day to you :).