Rolled in sesame - II type

Submitted by enr on 20 Jun 2010
1 cup sugar
2 cup Sesame
1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tbsp vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
Rolled in sesame - II type
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Sesame bake in the oven until slightly darkening. Sugar is caramelized. Add (careful not to burst) the oil, salt and vinegar and stir quickly. Immediately added and sesame. Rapidly stir and pour over the prepared wet board (can be used a large chopping). Spread evenly with a broad knife or with a rolling pin. Immediately cut into shapes optional (first thin at the edges to remove distorted in spillage of the board). Ready for about 20 minutes.
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20 Jun 2010


My man loves rolled in sesame, must make them.Thanks for the recipe.

I did them but salt is very salty and were accordingly went in the basket in the recipe by: // pep-4o is a coffee-spoon half, the second time I put on top of the newspaper. l salt and became perfect! Raztochih with wet rolling pin and cut with a knife for pizza, not srashtnah difficulty in making fast, easy and very tasty! Sesame put it raw, do not think it is necessary to bake!

This is our favorite dessert because it is tasty and useful. Not baked sesame, because it is sufficient processing in the caramelised sugar. EVALUATION excellent.

flowers Brava marvelous are thy become rolled in sesame! Too bad for the first dose ...

flowers look very good! Too bad that you threw salty rolled in sesame, I fall in salty!

I have not tried another recipe that is with honey, to see how it will taste.

Steffanell, sorry for Presolana rolled in sesame. I checked again the source of the recipe - wrote 1 coffee spoon. Obviously I accepted it as the tea and then I made an analogy with half tablespoon. I will ask admins correction - again I apologize.

No problem, dear happens sometimes!

now is an adjustment in the salt due to admin :)

They became great! Thanks for the recipe!

Neshto liubimo childhood. Today shte try to hope I get.

were received wonderful taste, iso format oshte need training and dexterity. Thanks for the recipe!

I am glad that you like :)