Royal golden slices Shahi Tukrah

Submitted by enr on 12 Jun 2011
6 slices of bread Toaster
6 tbsp Gee or 7-8 tbsp butter
400 ml condensed milk
400 ml milk
80-100 g sugar
3 green cardamom capsules
1/4 Dragonflies tsp saffron (1 small pinch)
2 tbsp sliced ​​almonds
1 tbsp chopped pistachios, salt-free
Royal golden slices Shahi Tukrah
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Cardamom capsules were cut grain are removed and crushed gently. In bowl mix milk and condensed milk, add the beans cardamom. Milk boil about 20 minutes, stirring regularly. Pour a thread saffron and boil for another 20-30 minutes, stirring. Must halfway volume. Slices halve diagonally and fry in oil until golden brown. There is 1 tbsp gies for one slice. Slices leave to cool a few minutes. In a deep dish put a little of the milk sauce, put several triangular slices and pour a few tablespoons of the sauce. Allow 10 minutes to take well. When serving also dropped again with sauce, sprinkle with roasted almonds and pistachios. slices can be served chilled and refrigerated. * I used the condensed milk with 4% fat. Can be used and sweetened condensed milk, then zaharta fell.
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12 Jun 2011


* To present you this recipe, I read a lot of options and I asked friends Indians. In some recipes attend dried fruit, other cut and remove the sheet bread. I have presented the option that my mother said my friend. I had salt-free chamfastak and just missed. I think this is one of the most sophisticated and exciting desserts that I've tried. Shahi Tukrah (Shahi Tukda) means Royal dessert and he deserves the name. One word of advice - do not try at all times during the boiling of milk - in the early smell of cardamom is very intrusive. The sauce itself is not anything special. Only in combination with fried slices are all idea of ​​the recipe.

Izlezhdat great!