Sach kavarma outbreak

Submitted by enr on 12 Feb 2009
2 kg veal (suckling) or lean pork
2 kg meat chicken legs
1 kg of fresh peppers
10 ripe tomatoes
4-5 chili peppers chorbadji
5 tbsp paprika
3 tbsp cumin, ground allspice or mixture
1 cup olive oil
Sach kavarma outbreak
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The beef is cut, chicken too. Peppers remove the stems and seeds, of Chorbadzhiyski too. Large sach - or metallic ring is heated to fire. Pour a pod aims to pooparlyat, remove and cut. Put it in saci beef, stirring and bake well on all sides. Add chicken, bake and put all peppers. Make up some water, but not to swim. Insert the olive oil. As water evaporates, put coarsely chopped tomatoes and spices. Make a little water. Stir occasionally. Bake until ready. * The meat can be prepared separately, as part of it to make a kavarma.
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12 Feb 2009


Luxury! And pork will be :)

recipe is for many people, for example picnic. Oh, when will warm ...

Rally, then in half again becomes. :) But I do not think that with such products do stay if eaten without bread. And we have 4 large ... :)

Honey, if you know, as we go on a picnic, where there are existing masonry fireplaces, what's going on! Other families have come to ask, what smells so good throughout the forest. And how bread smells! Children jump around naked flow purposes in mud, we cook and laugh. For me, this is luxury!

Oh how I wish to me such a thing ... :)

Rally, as it is described the paradise! Until I smelled ... mmm

It is very nice saci but suckling? You should look cow and calve and to have calf :)

At the risk preyam will try it, but is vaprosa beef ?,

This topic discussed with a year ago in the forum - that what is sold for beef (ch4erveno dark meat) is actually beef. Beef is light, delicate and takes a couple of minutes. So I wrote suckling - it is clear that young meat. Otherwise, for the set time beef remains tough.