Sandwiches with feta cheese and cheese in a halogen oven

Submitted by enr on 04 Nov 2011
2 slices of bread
50 g cheese
50 g feta cheese
1 tbsp yogurt
1 egg
paprika and spices optional
Sandwiches with feta cheese and cheese in a halogen oven
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Crush the feta cheese, grate cheese grater of large-scale, add egg and yogurt (sandwich becomes juicy milk) and stir nice. Spread the mixture evenly over bread slices. Sprinkle with paprika and spices optional. Put them on top BBQ for 5 minutes at 230 degrees. Served with ayran, compote or juice. * Similarly prepared sandwiches only feta cheese or cheese, but then increase the weight of 100 years
Very easy
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04 Nov 2011


:) just no words :)

I'm definitely pleased with the outcome! Strangely, these sandwiches for the first time eat-mekichki top and crispy underneath. Only doubled the time of preparation and did not become top like yours with prepechenichki places. Why so?

Ivka is supposed to increase the temperature .. maybe there is a difference in power output of the oven .. next time try a higher temperature

Ivka forgot to tell with mince you become great. Only put them on the grill top 10 moments but that I watch them sometime if it is thinly coated in minced meat baked in haste.

hahaha is to think as you launch your comment .. Come make your sandwiches with minced meat and drop a recipe for halogen oven ..