Sauerkraut without water

Submitted by enr on 13 Oct 2010
5 kg solid white cabbage
50 g salt
4-5 tbsp sugar
juniper shisharchitsi
bay leaf
Kim beans
Sauerkraut without water
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Grate cabbage very fine stripes. Combine the salt and sugar. Portions is placed in high, narrow court and hit with a pestle until his release juice and soft, but not crushed to a pulp. Minced meat strips are transferred in court, pre-rinse with hot water (disinfected) and alternate with spices to taste. Once everything is chopped cabbage, transfer and ordered the court, cover with a clean cloth towel pressed with a plate of appropriate size and pressed with a stone, also washed with boiling water. The aim is cabbage is completely covered by your juice. The towel reset every few days, the stone plate and also washed and steamed. Keep in a cool - 12-18 C. After about 3 weeks fermentation should be ended and the cabbage is ready for consumption. Because apart from the fermentation cabbage is treated and mechanically, it is very fragile, looks like fine twigs and can be eaten raw or heated and spiced just as a side dish to grilled meats - chicken, pork, to sausages with mashed potatoes or simply as a salad.
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13 Oct 2010