Schnitzel from dock

Submitted by enr on 06 Apr 2013
leaves dock
sunflower oil
# For the stuffing:
250 g feta cheese or cottage cheese (or a mixture of both)
1 egg
parsley, mint, fresh garlic - of your choice
black pepper optional
# breading:
3 eggs
125 g of flour (1 cup 200 ml)
1 tbsp sunflower oil
pinch of salt
beer (milk, soda)
Schnitzel from dock
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The leaves are soaked in cold water , washed thoroughly and gently dried. Are sorted by size in order to facilitate then combining them for 3 schnitzel. On each sheet is partially removed middle thick vein (at the bottom). Careful not to tear the paper. For the breading separate yolks and whites. yolks mixed with the flour, the oil, salt and gradually pour the liquid (used beer). The mixture should become thick of boza. Mix well with a wire whisk. Add the beaten egg whites to stiff. The mixture is stirred gently towards the top - down to not fall. The feta cheese (the cottage cheese) mixed with egg and spices. For each cutlet into possibly three identical sheets dock. On a leaf is placed on the stuffing, cover with second sheet, again filling and top placed third leaf. Lightly pressed. Thus obtained sandwich * * Dip in breading and fried in a hot sunflower oil. Fried slices are placed on a kitchen towel. I did option baked in the oven. covered tray with baking paper and gently namaznih. Ordered submerged in breading cutlets, sprinkled with sunflower oil. Zapekoh in a preheated 180C degrees C oven. Peko until golden brown. Both options are given the same taste cutlets. fried are denser, but a little greasy. roasted are more fragile. As put in the baking-tin, top can additionally add a bit of breading. And they will become more dense. A and are healthier! :) We liked served with tomatoes or radishes.
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06 Apr 2013


Wonderful spring recipe!

I liked the recipe, I guess that happens to every The green, we type something like rhubarb and spinach will try both. Ina wonderful proposal and beautiful photos as always. Congratulation for the recipe.

Villas, flowers, glad that recipe you like! Leaves of dock, spinach and salt bush are suitable for those cutlets. I was thinking of nettles, but then you can use the option *roasted* by ordered layer nettle stuffing on top after baking to cut into portions. I'll do it to see how it will come out and then you will write further. :)

Ina, another great offer you! And these gorgeous photos ... :)

Thank you, Reni! You're very sweet! :)

Good morning. Thanks for effect recipe I made yesterday and my family liked. Nice and sunny day ...

Petya, I'm glad that you tested the recipe and like it! :)