Spicy chutney and mashed raw peppers

Submitted by enr on 31 Aug 2010
10 kg red tomatoes
5 kg peppers
500 g carrots
500 g onion
sprig savory
2-3 inflorescences dill
1 bunch parsley
celery leaves
salt, pepper cumin
1- 2 tbsp sugar
200 ml sunflower oil
vinegar optional
Spicy chutney and mashed raw peppers
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Well washed tomatoes cut around the handle, cut into pieces, grind clipper meat with carrots and bring to the neck. Add and clean the seed and ground raw peppers, herbs and blossoms branch dill. When the mixture reduce the volume by half, add the minced meat onion and garlic, and a little later the sugar. Once the mixture reaches the required density remove the branch and savory dill sprouts and add the salt, the oil and vinegar optional. Once the boil a few minutes, remove from heat and fill the jars. Sterilize 35-40 minutes. On the same mixture can be made spicy sauce. Attention is part of the finished mixture and passes through the clipper to remove husks and seeds. Dovaryava a little more to thicken and add pepper and cumin to taste. Fill jars and sterilized 35-40 minutes. The ingredients and the ratio of the products can vary according to taste.
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31 Aug 2010