Home cheesecake yogurt

Submitted by enr on 02 Feb 2011
400 g of yogurt 4-5% fat yogurt or tsedenotsedeno
30 g gelatin
2 vanilla
1 soft banana
350 g jam - strawberries, blackberries, raspberries or blueberries
1 package biscuits of your choice
150 g of sugar
Home cheesecake yogurt
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Gelatin was dissolved in 300 ml cold water (in the bowl) and left for half an hour to swell. During this time, in a separate container creases (passaged) banana mixed with yogurt, vanilla and sugar, mix well. Once swell, gelatin is put on stove on low heat and stir until liquid state, taking care not to boil. Remove from heat and add to yogurt. Stir until a homogeneous mixture. It is poured into the form of a cake or a simple bowl pre-moistened with cold water (if Teflon - no need to get wet). While the mixture is still liquid top rank biscuits (they remain floating on its surface). Put it in the refrigerator to set (about 2 hours), then turns into a tray, tray or another. Cookies remain at the bottom as a base. Pour on top with plenty of jam, and if leak persists, it becomes even better. The pastry is firm enough to cut with a knife into pieces. * The dose is sufficient for dessert four glutton. For guests to the mixture before it can be put in the fridge to be enclosed in transparent bowls with 2-3 cookies in each and after tightening, to add jam on top.
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02 Feb 2011


Easy recipe gelatin in paketleta you?

Yes, gelatine powder sachets. I will not mention the brand to not do advertising, but the packaging says that one paktche dissolved in 100 ml of cold water.

last night I did - straight Luxury and became very easy. I thought that gelatin will come in more but it was very accurate. Instead banana -using blueberries - MIRACLE

I last night I did it without banana and fruit without milk, but again became tasty. Glad you like it. :)

Yesterday I did and it was a great dessert. Instead I put banana 1 cup frozen raspberries and 1 pm. h strawberries. I cast it into cups. I added to yogurt and 150 g liquid cream. Splendor!

Super easy dessert, put it in favorites :)

great dessert! Yesterday I did and my husband tried it, only became kissed me! :) And by the way, I put 2 packets of gelatin instead of 3 and still gelling properly. The next time will be replaced with sugar sweetener. Diana, thanks for the recipe, fabulous! :)

Vanya, I'm glad that you liked it. It is important that we share the good. Uploads a photo.

I want to ask you products with a mixer to mix them by hand? Thanks in advance! :)

Shuffle them by hand.

I did it and it was very, very tasty! :)

I will try :)

Yesterday I did great, fresh and tasty!

is great for summer days, thanks for the recipe

gorgeous cake! I made a *small* change :) Instead biscotti biscuits used to choppy and with chips orange stirred it with yogurt. I poured him a jellied orange juice (from soluble). Became great, fresh and flavorful cheesecake!

I feel the biscuits, jam of prunes

This time is cut fruit rolls. Once it turned ordered peaches and again jelly with orange juice. Thanks for the recipe! :)

embarrassing for me to admit, but yesterday skadkish almost ate :) immediately received orders for new (this time I made a small amount, in glasses). Izvenete me of the many photos that I got, but I was shooting ... :) :) ... and finally I could not decide which photo I like best :)

Renito many beautiful pictures. Congratulations! Will soon make cheesecake.

Thank you, Milka! :)

Reni, gorgeous sunny and cheerful images, provoking me to try it, although I do not like yogurt, strained yogurt and sour cream, but I think alternatives!

I sincerely thank you, Willie! And my husband does not like either yogurt or sour cream, however, so in combination with bananas and plenty of vanilla (I put the liquid Dr. Oetker), and especially not by adding inside biscuits and shredded ... forget what likes and dislikes :) :)

Good work! Dessert is nice and without sweet, and can be prepared with less gelatin.