Spicy Eggplant turrets

Submitted by enr on 25 Aug 2013
several large eggplant - 1 per person
sunflower oil for frying
about 2 bunches of parsley
about 1 head of garlic
vinegar to taste
Eggplants are washed well and cut handles . Cut into circles with thickness less than 1 cm (if thinner then intoned at break, I slice them about 1 finger). Cut with sheet - do not peel. Add salt and placed in a plastic shtaygichka holes - incline to expire bitter water. Fry in the heated sunflower oil until golden on both sides. Drain in a strainer of the oil. Cool completely. In a separate bowl mix the chopped parsley, very finely chopped garlic and vinegar to taste. Confusing, to mix well. In a suitable container with a lid (maybe larger pot) towers lining the number of people at the table of fried eggplant slices, among others, put parsley mixture. Each turret ends with this parsley mixture. Cover with lid and leave in the refrigerator mandatory for 1 night. * You can eat as an appetizer, as an appetizer and as a self-summer meal. Very tasty. * I have tried to prepare as well as preserves - in compote jars. Uttering only drained from the oil eggplants. Tightly and no air between them. Sterilize 5-7 minutes as you vacuum. Winter draw and again between eggplants put fresh or frozen parsley, garlic and vinegar. Tasty, but I prefer fresh imposed eggplants.
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25 Aug 2013


Very nice ... wonderful recipe for an appetizer ...

May you be delicious! Enjoy! :)

Yesterday I made it for the second time ... and ends very quickly ... thank you.

who has tried, and is repeated ... and so on.. Thanks for the kind words! :)