Spicy soup rizhiki (Red) and dock

Submitted by enr on 07 Oct 2014
300-400 g mushrooms rizhiki
100 g onion
100-150 g dock
soy sauce
coriander - seeds or ground seeds
pepper, thyme and / or oregano (generously), cayenne pepper, salt
20-50 ml sunflower oil
vermicelli optional
1 tsp sugar
# For serving:
lemon or vinegar or sour cream
chopped parsley and / or chives
First onion stew in fat by adding a little water and salt (add a little salt or soy sauce with the introduction of any new product in the pan, in principle). When is tender, add chopped rizhiki, they will release more water, so calmly let them sauté on low-moderate stove still 10-something minutes. Add spices and docks (if necessary and a little water or wine). When dock choke pour hot water (I loved about 600-700 ml). Let simmer on low heat 10-15 minutes, add the noodles (if you like) and turn off the heat, vermicelli should not boil more than a minute, not to say that they should boil all. In the end can serve it sprinkled with The green (magadanoz, fennel, baby spinach or chives) and classical spoon sour cream (I prefer only much lemon juice). * Measures are approximate. Everything is a matter of taste.
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07 Oct 2014


What is rizhiki?

Can I use other mushrooms? In the US rizhiki will not find you.

I can not give advice, I have not tried these mushrooms guess onazi can give an idea :)

There oyster, portobello / similar to deer, but less / agaric and Boletus edulis. I have not seen others.

Always agaric soup is great, but not stifling them much. Otherwise rizhikata kind thrush remains crisp and after cooked. If you find chanterelle think it would be appropriate, or a mix of wild mushrooms ... I've seen in hypermarkets. I do not have much experience with oyster, edible boletus left her for something sucks.

p. v. May the English is *milk-caps*, though if you fall.

Thank you very much :)!