Bagels with cheese

Submitted by enr on 10 Nov 2011
1 kg of flour
14 g of dry yeast
15 g salt
4 eggs
100 ml sunflower oil
350 g pork lard
25 g sugar
250 g cheese
Bagels with cheese
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The yeast is mixed with 3 -4 tbsp flour and sugar, add about 200 ml lukewarm water, stir and let it rise. Then knead the dough with other products and 3 eggs. Pig lard should be soft but not liquid. The rest of the egg is divided into two parts, one part for spreading the top and the other is mixed with the feta cheese for stuffing. Knead the dough is allowed only 30 minutes at room temperature to relax. Divide into pieces, shaped and put stuffing (from the egg and the feta cheese). Arrange obtained horns in trays and leave to rise for about 45 minutes at room temperature (dough is oily and if it is too warm in the room killing fat). Smeared with egg and bake in preheated oven at 230-240C (fanless) for 10 minutes. * Of this amount out many units can reduce the dosage in half. * Optional on top can be sprinkled with sesame or poppy. * The filling may be only of feta cheese or cheese.
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10 Nov 2011
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In general, one kilogram of flour used in '40 fresh yeast. What is the idea to put only half? Should not be well swollen, puffy?

:) I knew someone would just asked me this question, but this is the original recipe as I wrote the author. I chose not to alter. Personally, I always do a half dose and put 1 again. dry yeast. I upload photos and waiting for approval, but if you look at the author herself: http: // www. bg-mamma. com / index. php? topic = 231840. 15

Emka, only that you put the recipe here and even if you put a picture to it, is expected to write a recipe that works for you. However, the image must correspond to the product and the preparation specified in the recipe, so you put it?

Do not worry about the amount of yeast. Enough is because yeast / yeast are unicellular fungi that reproduce very rapidly in sugar (carbohydrate) substances and heat-in this case the author has created good conditions for their development, adding flour and sugar. I reviewed the recipes for bread baking and 450-470 g were added 5 g yeast exception recipe for cake. So boldly knead and make horns, quite recipespina I enjoyed and I have not be disappointed.

They look very good! Makes me feel like eating, you really should not go hungry here on the site :)

Thanks :) I hope I have dealt with the adjustment, because I want more people to see it. The recipe is easy and very nice. My pictures are not very good, they have been done long ago, but I damaged the camera, but I wanted to get an idea about Kakko represent them go.

blubber can you replace? Butter? Or soft palm oil? It is as white fat and has the same konsistenitsiya.

I guess it will be, but I do not know how we are to taste. Until now I've only rules with mass - are crisp. If you decide to replace it said, maybe a picture to let entrance of Your very inspiring :)

are very nice! Will try the weekend.

Mmmm ... very nice rose. Like that time. Thanks to you and pina. Crisp, delicious, melt in the mouth. Became my little plump, but next time I would put photo. If left :). I know how to Roll out dough. I put black and white sesame seeds. Not that I have great flavor difference, but stands spectacular.

I am very glad that you trust the recipe and do not be disappointed:-)

I had no mass and swapped with butter. Were incredibly delicious! Were devoured in no time! Next time will try to mass, to see if there is a big difference. Thanks for the great recipe.

It is high time to write a comment for this recipe. Do already many times. I did it on again two days ago, and today. I import small changes to make, not the products. Not prepare stuffing, and when dough is quite ready, crushing cheese and knead it. Then he Frame horns. Of these kolichastva out my horns 14 by 30 centimeters or 28 smaller by 15 cm. Do not paint with egg on top, because we love us nibbling. Large horns are baked for 15 minutes at 240 degrees. Now taste - these are horns of my childhood, very tasty and aromatic, just perfect! The recipe is very accurate and the result is always perfect! I took them and how are grooming to become thread. Well in a word - lovely :)

Rally, very tempting and appetizing horns you did, until I wanted tomorrow to our breakfast. :) I have a question how to form themselves horns - is rolled, put a pad, then rolled up or some other way?

Thank you for the nice words :) If it was nearby, I would invite you to breakfast together :) I do not put the stuffing separately. I wrote that put the cheese directly into the dough. Then I take a piece of dough with a rolling pin on a long ellipse, and then turn the ellipse as snail and from there on ofirmyam of wick, moving it with his hands on the table. This form threads shorted by horn broke off seeing wrapped inside a circle.

Thanks for the clarification Rally. :) Tomorrow morning, roll up sleeves and eat them for breakfast. :)

Ehee Rally ... great photos! I am glad that you trust the recipe and that you like. Positive comment from you means a lot to me. Thank you!

EMKA, I thank you for the recipe! Anything nice to say about the horns - it is a place :)

Great horns were received! Following the recommendations of Aliana, result: More than impressive (not that I doubted) :)! The men said: *Ooo, I will make them* :)!

For *lucky* proved to have enough mass in the fridge and I added the required amount of oil in the recipe. Filling: 2 eggs, cheese and respectable amount of parsley, finely chopped! I just hope and cool are also so delicious that tonight husband is second shift and certainly will not be able to experience warm horns. If left in December ... :)

This time I increased the water in the recipe of 300 ml, i. E. 100 ml. more. Kneaded them in the following way: In the bowl of the machine mingled flour, dry yeast and salt. In shaker smashed 300 ml of water, sugar, oil and 3 eggs. I added the wet to the dry mixture, put the butter and crumbled cheese, and stirred for 5 minutes at low speed. Then as it is in the recipe - stay 30 minutes, then shaping and leavening. Thanks to most water dough are rolled much easier and horns were deliciously fluffy, melt in the mouth. The recipe is just great!

horns are very tasty. This is one of my favorite recipes. Today again I made them and the result is excellent as always.

I want to try them, but I have a question. If you do a half dose and use fresh yeast, which must be saotnosheniyata- 500 g. Flour 20 g. Yeast?

Yes. '40 Fresh yeast is equal to 14 g of dry yeast. Half respectively '20 fresh and dry yeast 7 g :)

Today a double dose. Coated with egg and sprinkled with glaze •. Few looked like buns, but the taste is wonderful, as always!

Girls, thank you for your interest in the recipe. I am very glad that you like. Rally special thanks to you that you are doing and you often found their own way of preparation and shaping, and your photos as always very fine :)

Rally, I will explain you in detail how shape your horns comment 15. How an ellipse becomes a snail and ottam- of wick. I really want to try this. Will wait for an answer :)

I really liked. I made a half dose of fresh yeast. As omesih dough, divided into 4 balls and each raztochih Ellipse. Greased with a little oil does not dry, sprinkled with cheese and curl of the wick. Each cut into 3 horns and dooformih them. Set aside one yolk spreads and half sprinkled with salt and other Half sesame. Many were delicious. Thank you :)

I am glad that you liked. I think there is enough oil in the dough and do not need to namaznyava further, but everyone decides for itself and adapts a recipe according to your personal preference :) But I think important is the final result;)

Lots and lots of delicious horns were received. Thank Emka recipe andAliana for shared experience! Will certainly do it again!

Great! Mother-experience them and reward me with two jars mass to do them often. :)

long horns was not rules, but tonight at the request of her husband, gave it a try :) Great, as always!

Our Sunday breakfast -vkusnite horns!

horns are big yummy, made half a dose and it was my fault. :) Thanks for the recipe shared.

Today again I made them for submission. As always, all the neighbors liked them and asked for the recipe. Instead of mass use oil, put 4 eggs into the dough, and a separate fifth egg covered horns and sprinkled with sesame. Is alive and well EMKA for shared recipe!

I am very glad that like the recipe for us also our favorite :) Rally last sentence you accept it as a wish, because today is my birthday;)

Oh, EMKA, I do not know, but yes, it is a wish! For your birthday belatedly all the best to you safe and sound, love, respect, success - be they invariably accompany :) Many kisses!

Rally can not know, but thank you for your kind words :)