Store-bought banitsi

Submitted by enr on 12 Sep 2011
1 package of homemade phyllo dough (400 g)
170 g butter
400 g feta cheese (cottage cheese)
100 g cheese
100 g cooking cream
3 eggs
Store-bought banitsi
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From last four ingredients Prepare stuffing. Take a crust brushed with melted butter, put it by filling half the sheet and folded in two, again smear with butter. Dab with butter every bend. There are about eight standard store-bought banitsi. Bake for about 30 minutes until browned. When you are ready to put in a container with a lid to stew a little.
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12 Sep 2011


recipe I liked, but there are a lot of spelling mistakes for two lines and a half!

Ive, how many degrees bake? My husband a few days ago asking me if I could do such patties, just in time comes to recipe; )

can I have a little clarification. 8 bani4ki of 400 g peel you out. 1 sheet is folded many times

8 patties out of 400 g. Peels. Pregavat 3-4 putt depending on the peel. The aim is to become the size of a bought patties. Bake at 200-220 degrees in preheated oven. I hope I'm able to explain properly. If I missed something write. You'll be glad you like :) Send outcome

As homework filo pastry - a producer who is? I mean - to flattening them alone, or buy them? I'm making filo pastry on a sach Bella - but they will hardly be folded many times.

I did them and raztochih alone and became home peel. For the dough:1. L. Salt 1. L. Sugar, 3c. l. oil, 1. l. vinegar 500-600 g. flour - as you take 300 ml of lukewarm water yolk spreads. In baking pan sent down the lukewarm water in which you dissolve salt, sugar, oil and vinegar. Sift the flour and kneaded smooth and soft dough. Divide the dough into balls covered with oil or butter, wrapped in foil. Leave 20 minutes to relax. Roll out each ball of rectangle mazhem with oil, add the filling and folding the bag. Mazhem again with oil and beaten yolk before baking. As has emphasized author lubrication with oil several times makes them fluffy, crunchy, irresistible. Very tasty - beautiful from the street