Strawberry layered cake Natalia

Submitted by enr on 09 Mar 2009
400 g yogurt
500 g yoghurt
300 g biscuits (2 packages)
1 cup In large pieces Crushed walnuts
1 cup sugar
1 vanilla
1 compote of strawberries (800 g)
Biscuits are broken into small pieces, add the yogurt, sugar and crushed walnuts. Stir well and poured into a baking dish. Mix yogurt with vanilla and Pour over biscuit mix, smoothing top. Arrange fruit compote. Liquid from January compote and jelly Pour over fruit. Put it into the fridge and after 12 hours is ready for consumption.
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09 Mar 2009


Nati, what is the amount of gelatin?

Nati cakes that I like, but please explain to me how you put gelatin and how it dissolution.

The gelatin is dissolved, depending on what is the amount of the liquid. A packet of gelatin Dr. Oetker is about 500 ml, but just in case I use two :) In a cup Pour 6-7 tablespoons of compote and pour gelatin, wait about 5 minutes to swell and warm it in the microwave (or where you choose), then thin it stuyka Pour in the remaining amount compote and stirring constantly to avoid lumps get :) To make it more easy to gel with a *lemon slices* :) One package is sufficient chips liquid a compote. Pour the liquid warming and inside cossettes, stirring constantly until completely dissolved. Wait to cool and pour strawberry :)

Nati, thank you! You're very thorough. :)

Nati thank you very much for the explanation.