Stuffed turkey Pepolina

Submitted by enr on 04 Jan 2010
1 turkey (about 4 kg)
# For the filling:
drobche, heart, gizzard (turkey)
1 stalk leek
1-2 carrots
2 handfuls of mushrooms
salt pepper
sunflower oil
Stuffed turkey Pepolina
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Raw trifles are cut and fry in a little oil. When pozadushat, add the chopped leeks, leaving to stifle it. Then add the grated or finely chopped carrot and asphyxiation continues. Then add sliced ​​mushrooms. Allow the stove until the water from the mushrooms poizpari and they soften slightly. All this is seasoned with salt and pepper. Add rice and some water. Stews while rice swell slightly. Cover and removed from the heat, allowing the rice to absorb water. This stuffing fill the turkey, which was previously seasoned with salt and pepper. Then sutured to not fall stuffing. The filling always remains, it rolled dolmaschki in cabbage leaves. In a large stew at the bottom put a little sunflower oil, then put chopped sauerkraut and on it is placed filled turkey. Around her are lining the dolmas. Top tightly arranged purposes cabbage leaves. Pour a little sunflower oil. Cover and put to bake. Follow the rule for roasting turkey: 1 hour to 1 kg bird. When the turkey is already baked, to remove the upper cabbage leaves and returns in the oven to give a red brown. * In the same manner may be prepared chicken.
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04 Jan 2010


Bravo Pepi, great recipe. Bravo! I case put a little biscuit / December to absorb the liquid / in-filling is not that rice does not work but just in case ... Great. Congratulations!

Desi, I'm glad you like the recipe to you. Really gets very tasty stuffing and in combination with turkey and sarma is simply divine inspiration. Thank you for your kind words.

Congratulations on delicious turkey! I also do it with such a stuffing - with rice and dreboliiykite. But my people do not want any green around the bird and pass without it.

Nelly, we generally fall much sauerkraut and so put it, but once you do not like the turkey is delicious enough without it. I am glad that our tastes coincide.

And do not pour water in a pot you? I liked the recipe and goes to Favorites

cveteto, not water does not pour. Cabbage their places of juice, which is sufficient, but if you want to be in - water you can put 1/2 cup wine or some water.

is Super! Everything melts, melts in your mouth!

I also do make this recipe, but with homemade chicken, hen or rooster. Becomes deliciously!

kqmrosen, really gets something deliciously, so even if a hen, rooster or chicken.

Great recipe! Do something for the filling, but without mushrooms and cabbage and chicken. Be sure to try this way. Looks very tempting!

tillia, hopefully appeal to you and my option.

Today again prepared this dish just that chicken. It is so delicious, so tasty, cheeeeee ... no words.

Desi very glad that the dish you like. Thank you dear confidence to the recipe.

The recipe is really super. Christmas in the kitchen of Zvezdev was shown a similar recipe, but with chicken. Became really super and chicken!

madis, thank you. I do already three years this recipe and always gets great results. I have no doubt that chicken will be great taste.

Until now I have rules with only sauerkraut, but the idea of ​​stuffed vine leaves I liked

zlatina, and I hope you enjoy the taste

fantastic recipe - we like

einjal, I'm glad you liked the turkey! In our country has become a tradition for Christmas and love it :)

we prepare about three years turkey previous chestnuts but many of their guests do not like vkusyt. This recipe came under their skin, will prepare and chicken and this will do ROUTES syrmi because of Christmas just chopped green from lack of time, but others have kept

einjal, to piznaya to me with chestnuts do not like, but this turkey comes to pretty well :) even this year I took an extra 500 grams. Gizzards and hearts, and put 2 cups rice, mushrooms and plenty of envy and a large number because stuffed with stuffing that we like a lot. But my surprise was great when stuffed done, and turkey was a little more :)

This is my recipe BRAVO

Sesil, I'm glad you liked the recipe. This turkey is a tradition in our family for Christmas. Love is all.

is no great tarpenie to prepare and my family

Sesil, thank you!

I make it in for at least 6 time in this recipe and it is always great. Thanks for the recipe and happy holidays.

klondaik, happy holidays to you! Glad you with this delicious recipe! Be safe and sound!