Summer dish in halogen oven

Submitted by enr on 03 Oct 2011
6-7 peppers
2 tbsp sunflower oil
100 g tomatoes (tomato 1)
5 eggs
200 g cheese
Summer dish in halogen oven
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Cut the peppers into small pieces in a suitable pan, pour the oil and fry until soft peppers, add the tomatoes, grated and fry another 5 minutes. Pour into a baking dish suitable for oven (aluminum), crush the feta cheese, eggs and mix tap nice. Put the pan on top BBQ for 20 minutes at 200 C. And because I Doubting Thomas to not browned on top and remain raw eggs below 3-4 times Stir dish. After last stirring let him be constipated.
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03 Oct 2011


Because today I did my jars with this dish (without cheese and eggs) and while stirring the pan I got the idea to try to cook in the halogen oven. she even took that became even much better than the stove because it became tight, not watered down.

Zabeyazvam that most of your meals are halogen oven.

hahaha .. Well it from desire, because it is new and because there are no gain in net recipes for this type of ovens, and in the forum proved that other consumer have a problem with the recipes, so now I'm trying all cooked meal I cooked in the old Rahovets and share my experience.

Thanks to your recipes, and my girlfriend started to use it before full turnover was only baked potatoes, so send forth recipes!

I congratulate Mrs. Mariana Tsvetkova the wonderful and already numerous recipes Halogen oven. When everything is tested and captured. Many thanks!