Sweet or savory pie vegan cookie dough

Submitted by enr on 04 Mar 2011
# For the dough:
2-2 and 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1/2 cup hot water
pinch of salt
# Stuffing:
sweet or savory optional
# Sprinkle:
pastry - white or brown sugar crystals
of savory pie - coarse salt, spices preferred
Sweet or savory pie vegan cookie dough
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Flour mixed with baking powder and salt. Fill the glass halfway with sunflower oil and supplemented with hot, almost boiling water. Stir, gradually pour in the flour and knead the dough spoon. Allow to rest for about half an hour. If the dough becomes more firmly (use 2 and 1/2 cup flour) and interfere with the effort after dies, becomes elastic, better sharpening, keep form and misses the juice from the fruit. If you knead softer, with less flour (say about 1 1/2 - 2 cups), it can pull, cake it becomes soft and tender. It is suitable for making a roll. The dough is rolled into a circle with a diameter of about 40 cm and put in a buttered baking dish. Can put baking paper or use a teflon pan, then do not namaslyava. Depending on the filling is obtained savory pie or cake. In addition, it depends on whether vegan or not. The filling is placed in the middle of the dough. Distribute evenly. Free, not oiledi edges of the dough over the filling wrap (approximately obtained a width of about 8-9 cm, ie four fingers of the hand). This width should not be less than, or post-baking, when cut and delivery, the filling can easily come off. Bends freely - yielding a smaller or larger folds. The center remains uncovered stuffing. above, creased portion of the dough is coated lightly with water and sprinkle with sugar. Take an oil piece fsunflower size as the cake, the hem is the end so as to form a smaller circle and it covers only the center of the stuffing without closing the dough. Bake at 200 C in a preheated oven for about 30 minutes depending on the oven and filling. If necessary, fthe oil expands, cover the entire cake and returned to dopichane further 7-10 minutes. The dough can be shaped into rings and become small candies or savory pies. Suggested fillings: 1. Frozen cherries - thaw them, remove the stones, drain the juice in a bowl, add 100 g of sugar and 2 tbsp flour. Beat with wire and put on fire to thicken as thick sour. On the dough in the center, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, put fruit on them and pour the cooked cream. 2. Frozen or fresh fruit - the rolled out dough is dusted with breadcrumbs, put fruit on top, sprinkle with sugar. Source: http://forum.say7.info/topic29004.html Taste post CAKE - labrex - http://www.bg-mamma.com/index.php?topic=297129.msg15365684 * 1 cup = 240 ml * I DO NOT satisfy any filling or cake foil. Bake very well. Therefore recommend foil to be used only when needed. I baked at temperatures of 180-190 C. * Instead of pre sprinkling with granulated sugar, may after baking and cooling of the cake can be sprinkled with powdered sugar; cinnamon; cocoa; chocolate spread; topping; * Proposals for fillings: Sweet - jam, marmalade, jam; chocolate; halva; delight; cottage cheese - or sweetened fruit, jam, honey; fresh or frozen fruit; apple puree; mashed pumpkin Salted - cheese; feta cheese and egg; cottage cheese; cheese; mushrooms with onion; zelenishi; seasoned minced meat
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04 Mar 2011
http://forum.say7.info/topic29004.html and http://www.bg-mamma.com/index.php?topic=297129.msg15365684


in hot water with oil you put the flour?

Yes. I think that the reverse can happen / I decided to save a vessel of washing! / Rally by mixing oil and water temperature decreases. Messing with a spoon. The dough is formed very quickly. Roll it up to 40 cm / are 2-feet of rough approximation / becomes very thin. I used plain alpaca baking pan with a diameter of about 26 cm. The folded dough becomes a diameter of about 20 cm. Originally thought it was better to use a smaller pan. But when the cake is ready and had to move into a baking pan, he slightly cracked - the dough is quite fragile. For it may be better to baking pan is great to have the opportunity cake / pie / easier to broach. Next time I'll try a smaller pan. Or best with baking paper / this explanation has become like a new recipe! /. But we all loved. And with vegetarian stuffing is very suitable for this season.

Thank you very much, Inka! Intrigued me with this recipe. I always interesting versatile test, just remember a recipe for many cases;-) I'll try it soon.

me anything I do not get - do not bake - stands as undercooked - Peko it forever and it does not matter. Tomorrow ing it again dopicham party grill

Anna, I'm sorry for failing you. I can not explain it. The dough is thin and baked very well. Becomes slightly crispy and crumbly yet. I made the recipe in two new variants - with pumpkin and cheese and egg. Although I had mishaps - gathered meals from 3 different companies over my gas and firing and stayed on the second batter extend is received wonderful cake and pie. If you write me a personal - there must be some reason for the failure.

Very tasty and quick option for cake. For now only with strawberry jam I did.

Ina, become incredibly lean CAKE! Made with sweet peach and a delight to the taste of orange and walnuts. There will be pictures.

LYUBKA and Iva, very glad that you have successfully received sweets! With various fillings with the same dough get different delicious desserts and savory pies.

I might add - in baking and the three tests with different fillings NOT'm covered with foil, as given in the original recipe. After consultation with the three girls made dough will make adjustments.

Today I tried the recipe, I made different shapes quickly. Beauty not get me especially (upload picture), but very tasty. Ina, thanks for the recipe!

Diana, on the contrary - very well done and give them new ideological grooming!

Today I made small rolls of dough. I added the dough a little sugar, cinnamon and vanilla, rose tasty.

Well done, Diana, diversified him! You make a roll and after baking it sliced?

Mapravih 4 small rolls, naryazoh them after they're baked and poizstinaha. One piece is roughly 2 bites.

This time stuffing prepared Nettle, cheese and egg. Next time we will try to form a roll.

My husband bought flour, baking powder and sweet and handed them to me with the words: *Do me again of those lean candies?*. I have a picture, but I think you jammed recipe photo. Ina, thank you again!

Diana, I am very happy about the good response in your semiystvo! And each image is unique, so do not worry, the more the more ideologically!

Diana, just see the picture. Is great! Congratulations! Jump spring came!

dough is too well. I used to do a pie stuffed with peaches and was very successful.

madlenom, I am glad that it has become.

The last time I made the cake with pears. I had a mishap with an annoying wasp, which obviously liked it, because while I was shooting only got rid of it! :)

I did it with salt stuffing received is very tasty :)

Jana, very good offer! :)

Today your dough used to make cookies. I put him 2 tablespoons cocoa and 3 tablespoons sugar. Once you raztochih, sprinkled it with sugar and poraztochih again slightly above to sugar to the dough sticks together. Izryazoh cookie shapes and baked them. Popregoryaha little, because the dough is brown and not felt when they were baked, but were delicious. Upload a photo. :)

Diana, I am very glad that we use dough to make cookies! :)