Sweet salami Pepolina

Submitted by enr on 11 Jan 2010
250 g biscuits
2 eggs
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 vanilla
1 cup walnuts
40 g of milk chocolate
125 g butter
powdered sugar
Sweet salami Pepolina
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Nice Beat eggs with sugar. Add the crushed biscuits and confused until moistened. Already mixed in large pieces put ground walnuts and vanilla and grated chocolate. All this is thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mixture. Finally put and melted butter and mix well until it is folded. Prepared dough is shaped salami, which is placed on the powdered sugar, spread on wrapping paper. Salama is add some on all sides in sugar and using the paper turns a tight roll. Place cool to be able to tighten nice. When is stiff enough sausage is removed from the paper and cut diagonally into pieces. Tip: biscuits broken into pieces a little smaller than 1 cm. in order to be felt in the dessert and stand more effectively. Do not substitute chocolate with marzipan because deteriorate the taste and quality of the salami.
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11 Jan 2010


It is very tasty! I add more delight and jelly candy. We have done at school. And many children like it.

neli. mag, really there are different variations on the theme sweet sausage. This is my version that I do for years and is a favorite at home. There is no doubt that with other additives will be delicious.

Excellent seems undoubtedly very tasty! Well done.

I like him this salami, but I never was clear why put raw egg. Explain to me, please! I do not put and again gets. Similarly, do and biscuits balls.

eggs are placed to not be so dry salami. May be replaced with molten delight or glass of milk.

In fact, when I think, I put milk or cream, and even water, if no other, and I urgently need dessert. But the use of raw eggs always bothered me and maybe that's why I chose milk. On the other hand, if someone I prepare it, no problem with the eggs;).

I like this sausage :)

Girls, thank you so much for evaluation. To share and I eggs - until now I never had a problem for them. And really the eggs with sausage becomes defined - nice.

girls today, I will do it and will not use raw eggs. I do not know I pressed although home. I always do it with milk but I will do it with a strong cup of instant coffee instead of eggs and it still delicious. One colleague had done the smell is great. Otherwise, put Turkish delight and walnuts. Even them caramelize them.

muna, and then as you do not put eggs how you add milk and having less sugar, because of Turkish delight?

I do not know, but it seems to me that the milk will lose taste and will become - cheese, but I try to make a difference between the two options. I do not know why you bother when eggs are fresh and home - though the singers drink every day in a raw egg, because his voice. I personally made salami and eggs bought himself no problem.

Nowadays is scary to use raw eggs, risky! Especially of domestic eggs without sanitary control. I did not know that the singers drink raw eggs! There is a way for pasteurization of eggs.

pepolina, be careful not to overdo the milk because it really will become more cheese. Today I happened exactly with my small rocks. The milk volume should be less than the volume of the egg because the milk is liquid, and I and pouvlyakoh ... Otherwise, the taste did not change. And I do not want to use raw eggs because one understands that ate contaminated with salmonella food when it is too late and sucks ... For the same reason, do not eat chicken ready to grill and other things. It may seem like paranoia, but ... is a matter of personal choice.

gigi. 2000 will surely put a little milk to hit texture. A raw eggs and all GMOs, etc. really is a matter of personal choice and knowledge of the body. I said that so far have had no problem, but does not mean that I am insured and will not happen - but as such. Nowadays, as if already did not know what we eat. I feel that the requirements become - bigger, the - a little control.

Milk put on 2yaytsa 4supeni tablespoons milk. A washing powder sugar 5 tablespoons but Turkish delight in slaninkite like salami and caramel walnuts impart flavor. Yesterday I put the raisins and that I had and get super Coffee and today I took a few colleagues.

I like this recipe. Has long been a favorite in, I think I can make it, but I would put eggs. Do not worry.

Desi, you'll be glad you like salami. Write how you received when you do.

Zhaltytsite to put a little sugar in a small saucepan place the stove on the lowest level and beat with miker of the lowest level, before it boils and thickens when removing from heat, cool. So no fear and pastry becomes more beautiful.

Instead slazhih eggs 1 cup eg. milk, but we were a little greasy from the oil, next time will reduce it or put more biscuits, replaced the powdered sugar for rolling with ground walnuts. We like.

Sirena, a matter of taste, but if you like more so, reduce your oil, and put milk instead of eggs. Thing about this recipe is that you can improvise according to your taste. I gave our version :)

steffanell, thank you for the idea :) I always make this sausage with raw eggs and so far I've had no problems (thank goodness), but really afraid to use raw eggs this is a great option.

I made this yummy sausage BR delicious! I put plenty of chocolate (I had on hand white). We'll be pigotvya :) Im taste of sweet sausage that my mother was making in my childhood :)

miroslava123, made me very happy with this comment:) Thank you! This is my favorite sweet temptation. Over the years I've done thousands of sweets, but this salami remained my favorite brand:) alive and well! Cheerful and happy holidays from me!