Terrine with language

Submitted by enr on 05 Sep 2009
4 languages ​​pork - cooked
200 g cheese
1 carrot
dill or parsley
spices and salt
1 cup or other vegetable broth
15 g gelatin
Terrine with language
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Gelatin, pour broth and leave for 40 minutes. The cheese is cut into pieces, put it in a plastic bag and and run in boiling water to melt. Then subtract on foil and rolled. Allow to cool and cut into strips. Rectangular cake covered with foil and arrange the strips of cheese. Cooked languages ​​are cut into pieces. Grate the carrot finely grater and blanched for 5-7 minutes in a little water and spices to taste, then drain. Mix with chopped language, add salt, add spices and optional little vinegar to taste and optional. Dill or parsley finely and half of it at the bottom of the form - this is the first layer. Then put the mixture of languages ​​and carrots by lightly pressed. Then remaining dill and on it the rest of the language. Gelatin is melted over low heat, pour terrine, turns with fthe oil and leave in the fridge for 4-6 hours. The mold is then inverted and fthe oil is removed.
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05 Sep 2009


MANI, very original and tasty. I, as always, I added a few mushrooms :). Great recipe. Bravo!

this cheese is super original

hope and taste'd like :)

A little over a toy, but worth it. Can be made with other meat.