Tutmanik with lemonade and milk

Submitted by enr on 20 Jun 2009
250 ml lemonade
250 ml milk
7 g yeast
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
about 1 kg of flour
# For the filling:
2 eggs
200-250 g feta cheese
1 yolk
1/3 cup sunflower oil
Tutmanik with lemonade and milk
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From those products knead dough and leave to rise. Divide into 2 balls. The first ball is stretched or rolled with greased hands on an oiled surface. Insert half of the filling on top put another ball also stretched. Spread with filling and roll turns. Thus prepared roll is cut into pieces and put in a greased pan or rolled coil. Leave to rise, smeared with yolk and bake. As the paste has no fat and not stick well to work with greased hands, and the surface is well greased.
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20 Jun 2009


Super looks. Bravo for the recipe! To favorites is!

Great. Will try it.

Great is the way you feel like eating! Must try

Well done, good recipe

Timka, a package of 7d (dry yeast) is written for 500g flour. In the recipe given 7d for 1 kg. This correct or is it an oversight? Thank you in advance:-)

rally depends on the yeast. To that I use says that for 1 kg of flour.

OK, now I kneaded it, only to rise and toss it in the oven:-) I put my 2h7g = 1 kg. If it will shoot.

cheese cake was very tasty! Bravo! It's a bit dark, but the taste ... mmm! Children returned hungry from the pool and ate with great pleasure! Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks for the feedback girls! Of Aliana will say that 7 grams of yeast. is more than adequate for one kilogram. flour. However, this is Dr. Oetker and the quality is guaranteed.

Timken, my E Dr. Oetker, and in it you wrote for 500g flour. I took as per 1 kg and became perfectly:-) There is no ambiguity, no controversy, everything is fine:-) Once again - thank you! :-)

and girls with fresh yeast Can

dry and fresh yeast are interchangeable. Get fresh yeast as 1 kg of flour, dissolve it into milk (slightly warmed) with sugar, wait a few minutes and proceed further. Should become. Good luck:-)

Thanks for the recipe! Is great! My nephew eats his tight, but because of him ... his mother learn to interfere lol this cheese cake is famous only in Switzerland :)