Rice meatballs

Submitted by enr on 17 Oct 2008
2 cups rice
1 onion
2 eggs
100 g grated cheese
1 tbsp paprika
sunflower oil
Rice meatballs
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Rice is boiled, mixed with one egg, cheese, chopped onion and parsley. In a bowl mix the second egg with paprika. With wet hands, form balls of rice mixture, dip consistently in egg and breadcrumbs again in the egg. Fry in a highly preheated oil.
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17 Oct 2008


interesting recipe.

Maggie just made them, but scattered. Your are very nice how you made them?

Gabby picture is not mine. The recipe is from the notebook and shared it, but I have not cooked yet. Lest by itself rice variety as it is received?

Gabby, the rice should be cooked very well - right then overcooked and sticky. Cool, kneads with all other products. I add and boiled peas, corn, chopped parsley and so on. Then breaded meatballs in a thick mess of eggs, salt and corn flour.

Thanks Nelly for the clarification :)

Thank you for your attention. Not waited for the rice to cool it but straight hot omesih. When he began to end the mixture received some nice balls.

and now I will try.

recipe reminds me of that of *rice croquettes.* I think about the dispersal of the meatballs are two important things: the type of rice and when the egg is added.

meatballs were uniquely delicious, but I put 2 eggs into the mixture and made them while rice was warm, super is received! Many are those delicious rice balls, as my friend liked them, you are super: P

to me disintegrated. You can not make them, but will try again

With what rice is best to do? How long roughly be boiled rice and a temperature you want to be?

I made them with milled rice and were very tasty :)

I made them with cooked rice that was left of my furniture for wine kebab. Became great, not broken, let them stay a little after I had formed and then izparzhih them.

It is a good recipe and the comments / advice that are made below, helped me a lot:-) If I have to summarize for those who will make meatballs for the first time, so you do not fall apart when frying, The rice should be cooked very well and after cool put not one, but two eggs in the mixture. I specifically for breading used 3 eggs, not one as given in the recipe. Otherwise were great! :-)

Instead violet rice groats, were very tasty :)

generally do not try to fry these balls had hard time. 10 meatballs one get normally. Take a large pan, put baking paper sprinkle breadcrumbs. Then with a spoon put them on top again breadcrumbs and seasoning them pekvate 200 degrees and clean work. And more useful roasted and not fried

I like them fried, but will try and roasted. Let's see what happens, I hope I do not spill.

girls before time 1bratovchedka my man had made them and I liked. Many good questions is the rice is cooked, it is good and eggs are not very diluted. Thanks for the recipe, which is not zneh years.

Probably would become and in forms for muffins. Will try, interesting recipe, I had not heard of such balls! :)

Tonight them prepared, but I can honestly say, it fascinates me.

Many useful comments, there are different types of rice and some grains remain firmer. The taste of each individual is, can add spices optional :)

I tried the recipe, but something I received were very very dry, not liked by the family!

Very tasty meatballs. :) :) :)