Kozunak thread in the bread machine - II type

Submitted by enr on 02 Mar 2010
100 ml milk
14 g of dry yeast
3 eggs
150 g sugar
100 g butter
pinch of salt
1 vanilla
1/2 CL cardamom
1/2 CL ink
1 tbsp mahlep
rind of 1 orange and lemon grated
500 g flour
Kozunak thread in the bread machine - II type
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Spices - cardamom, mahlep ink with 1 tbsp sugar grinding machine of coffee, sieved. If you do not put any spices 3 vanilla. These spices the kozunak smells very nice. I made a picture of spices. The milk is warmed slightly, add the yeast and 3 tbsp flour total, stir and cover with a towel and leave to rise. During this time, beat eggs and sugar with a mixer, add a pinch of salt, ground spices, vanilla and orange peel and lemon. Add and rise yeast, stir well, add the sifted flour and parts to be confused with the handle of a wooden spoon in the right direction, thus obtaining threads of the kozunak. The dough is placed in a bread maker, added to the melted butter and slightly above. Includes a program for kneading - 15 minutes. On my machine is number 9. Send forth 3 times 15 minutes. Then in program kneading and rising one hour and a half for me is number 8. In souring do not open the door, control the window. After the dough rise out of the machine, divided into three by working with oiled hands on greased desktop to avoid stickiness to make 3 wick who are caught. Place in shape, covered with paper and spread with butter. Warm gently oven and dough is placed inside, until doubled in volume. After the rise is smeared with yolk, sprinkle with brown sugar, sesame or as desired and bake in a preheated 180C oven until ready, about 45 minutes of my oven. * It is necessary to form elongated - 35h11 cm with a height of 8 cm. If it is less than the kozunak extends beyond form. You can use a large round cake pan. If no such divide dough in half and make two smaller the kozunak. Success for best kozunak depends on the quality of flour and products.
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02 Mar 2010


What is gum beans and where to buy? A mahlep what?

sale in pharmacy true or mastic gum.

Mahlep it's smell of cake, light brown grains imago in Greece and the Arab world knows if it is our market and how it is said.This is the smell of a real cake.Will check the Internet.

The internet is Mahlepi explaining ..

sale in the Arab store of women's market in Sofia.

dough rises better if it is inserted several raw noodles.

mami48 of 28mart 2011 wrote -Nepremeno will try machine bread recipe intrigued me a lot, I hope I can.

This time it let the dough program only kneading for 15 min. At number 9 in my machine then flipped it over kneading and rising to number 8, the result was very good camp thread when added flour to the egg mixture stirring with a wooden spoon handle only right direction thus obtaining strings!

My family consume tselugodishno cake and prefer it over the cake, I got above the panetone taste, light, air, redolent of thread and has a measuring less calories and less by weight of egg cake. Corrected itself a recipe for which I give thanks for the opportunity given by hevi!

Cozonac became fantastic. The scent is amazing and the taste divine. I am already a fan of recipes Steffanell.

Today I made another cake but forgot to add smells of mahlep, cardamom and ink, the end result left very disappointed this was not smelling cake, although it became a thread and fluffy. Huge difference results without these odors

I do cake recipe, which is very close to that. Also play dough in a bread machine. Very intrigued me podpravkite- hope I can find them, so I can do this year's Easter cake with them! Thanks for the detailed explanation!

My cakes are ready for gift has 2 more. still in the oven to bake, but I will do on Saturday.

Eheeee, color-send some way. Are wonderful! Good for you!

With pleasure ...

are magnificent in appearance and certainly excellent taste. From such a shallow one dose of the photo you receive?

dose 500 g flour to a total dough 1 kg or 2 on the cake 500 g, as in the picture number 18, or 1 large cake of 1 kg. Photo 6 and 13.

For both small use u-ma30 / 10 and visoka7sm. Great shape is 35/108 cm high but put paper and do it edging higher as it nip wire stitch to hold otherwise paperless ran to bake a large form is better but I do not.

flowers, looks superb!

Splendid are your cakes and kind, and I think of the taste! We will try your recipe - incredibly successful as products and technology. Thanks for labor which thou hast to share it with us and the nice pictures that upload. Noble envy of those who will eat them.

Thanks for all the kind words that make me happy that someone sees and appreciate the diligence of others. Photo 21e entire dose of all products yielding 1 kg. Easter cake.

Since no suitable vessels to bake all at once and I divide it in half to ask you girls how store dough bake until the first half? Would not prevtasa?

Keep it above the stove if you are elongated forms are both in a standard oven, not prevtasa and becomes even more beautiful.

My now pulled it out, still hot, this is now for us.

Christ is Risen! Flowers, thank you once again for the recipe! I found three spices; cakes were wonderful! If the site allowed, I would put reassess excellent :)

indeed risen! doby glad that you liked, no matter which recipe is made final result is important.

I could not find all the spices, but this recipe and production technology in the bread machine is great. I put a double dose them Peko in two baking pans cake. I put a crust of lime and lemon, Bourbon vanilla essence and cherry and amaretto. Also saccharified fruits and raisins. Were gorgeous. Cooking time is plenty with the 3 Messenia 15 minutes and then rising further in the forms, but so does become gorgeous. It is worth every extra minute! 8 made the cake, and I am delighted. Cakes are sweet, but not much. Kneading and scrolling wicks oil is exactly what besides mixing, makes them of threads. I give redo assessment 10 - twice as much good.

Marina I do them round in two ways in the week and there are always error-free provided they comply preparation technique without changing anything. With spices become even more beautiful, fragrant and fragrant. Thank you for your trust and especially glad that you succeeded. Even after a week the cake is so fresh. Once absent for Easter and my friends asked me to prepare them in advance and frozen cakes in the freezing compartment and the celebration will take them out. The result was as if they were made yesterday.

divine scent! And I'm extra almonds, walnuts and raisins! Flowers, I'm happy that I met with you in time!

Nellie, thank you I'm glad that you like.

Compliments steffanell, appearance and flavor it brought to the taste I'm sure it would be great, but will have to wait until Sunday. For our Easter double dose. Blagodrya.

Glad to success. Great photo. Congratulations.

Flower, gorgeous cakes do! His great master! Congratulations!

Thanks Villas, praise you pleases me very much.

This recipe is great! :) Thanks for the recipe! Even to me (so far all attempts were unsuccessful cakes me) I received two very fragrant and fluffy the cake !!

I am glad that I managed, if you enjoyed the smells and listed in the recipe are really aromatic and fragrant.

Today I made them again, but this time one was a roll with blueberry jam, and the other put his delight :) become super! This is a recipe for cakes. Again, thank you!

This year cakes are this recipe with these spices. Great result!

Excellent result bravo doby, I currently do for us is fresh.

perfect recipe I dobashih and jam y one shallow and became fairy :)

afroo, made her a perfect cake.

bread as above I get, but my first experience in cake baking somehow did not. Sorry to mention quite marks down, but to identify the cause, I guess all details are needed. In general I like the taste of store-bought and may to some extent from there came to my disappointment. For example, there is one *Selena 10* via melts in your mouth and is much lighter taste and texture, and sweet at the same time. And get my greasy as cheese cake, with flavors of omelet *cheese with eggs* with a slight sweet tinge and a soft breeze of vanilla. Thread no no, it was something like a cake, but with taste descriptions. It takes tremendous imagination to distinguish shallow on the sheet. Previously I read / watched dozens of recipes (incl.. Much for baking) for cake in various forums, blogs and on YouTube. Selected the most common ratio of ingredients, which can be seen below and mention specific brands because possible reason for the failure to hide in one of the products.
- 500 grams. flour type 500 *Mill Tarnovo* in the process of kneading is necessary to add another 4 teaspoons separately for activation of the yeast 2 teaspoons
- 100 ml. milk 3% *Domlyan* of 500ml. pot by activation of yeast spreads and other needs, I added more about 30ml.
- 3. fresh poultry eggs slightly undersized, the yolk of one separated spreads
- 60 g. Butter *Faithful*
- 50 g. (Yes, g) oil *Olivia,* I do not know how many milliliters are equal
- 100 g.

I have not had a failure, I've done it with other brands of machines and the result is perfect, I've used fresh yeast, as put one cube of 500 g flour, the dough should be firm but spreadable of agitators in Currently bake in the oven and smells nice, I can not compare home with store-bought cake even with panetone. Flour is very important when I'm in BG. I get flour for cake, do not know well the other brands of quality. The recipe above is accurate and remain unaffected. Measures that his written below and I would not get a good cake.

Here's the latest cake.

great cake :) Many thanks for the recipe :)

thank you dear, be happy, loved and still dedicated!

I apologize for the comment Company error or me.

biskvit, I'm glad you were able to successfully tackle the cake from the image visible.

From today began the start of cakes.

Christ is risen! Thanks for the recipe, as first presented almost perfectly. I think brings a little more fat and sugar and yeast can be reduced. I put 30 g fresh, but became too air, next time I will try to live 20-25 g or 7 g dry. Kneading and rising but the bakery is really grace, otherwise I do not know if I curled up.