US penkeyks

Submitted by enr on 23 Jan 2012
600 ml whole milk
170 g of powdered sugar
3 eggs
195 g flour
3 tsp baking powder is not filled
US penkeyks
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Beat the eggs with the milk for about 30 seconds. Add the flour and beat again. And then pour powdered sugar and baking powder. Beat to mix all ingredients and let the dough for an hour covered with a cloth. After this one hour mix it with a little spoon and you can start frying. Highly heated Teflon pan without oil, because with fat burning and do not receive good. Pour a little of the mixture, roughly one inch in diameter and wait until the surface does not begin to form bubbles (will add photos) and immediately contact. After turning they need no more than a minute. Serve warm with honey, chocolate or jam of your choice. * For about 20 pieces.
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23 Jan 2012


This American penkeyksI ate recently at a restaurant in Tripoli poured with honey and hot chocolate was the tip.

Do not put any oil in the mixture?

weights in the recipe are not accurate! I do not got.

I just tried this recipe for American pancakes, but otherwise breakfast pancakes I've done in another recipe from the site. reni_reni, can make them again with this recipe American pancakes. The more bulking put, the better. I put a packet of baking powder and become very fluffy. :)

reni_reni, fat not put. And weights are accurate. I do not know what was the problem with you.

flour is a bit like weight! I added more so to obtain. Not successful recipe better to do other American pancakes.

became my great, but I really like sweet and added a little brown sugar :)