Waffles with biscuit stuffing

Submitted by enr on 14 Nov 2014
1 package wafer
250 g butter
200 g of powdered sugar
12 tbsp water
250 g walnuts
250 g biscuits
100 g chocolate
2 tbsp cocoa
Chocolate and the butter are melted in a water bath. In a bowl, mix powdered sugar, ground walnuts, ground biscuit and chocolate. Add the melted butter and chocolate. Stir well. Add the water. From the resulting mixture is spread on one wafer. Sticky with second crust, which is coated with a mixture and so until the peel. Top of being stacked with weight and leave for one day. Cut waffles are in the desired form (squares, diamonds, triangles). * The walnuts can be replaced with other nuts. * The package wafer, which I use has 6 sheets and the mixture is normally sufficient for the 6 peel, but if you make -debeli 2 peels remain for the next time.
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14 Nov 2014


How big is 1 package wafer? I see that in the recipe are only used 2 sheets, so you and so you are in one package?

In one package there are six sheets. One wafer is coated with the mixture, and on top another. So until the peel. Normally the mixture is sufficient for 6 peel, but if you make a thicker peel 2 remain for the next time.

Where can buy such sheets.

In the shops *Beryozka* has several sizes and shapes.

Is it in Russian shops.

Thanks for the quick response. I will make them as soon as possible.

I hope to appeal to anyone who decides to try the recipe. :)Otherwise, the shops have a dessert *Nessebar* something comes out.