Zucchini baked with sauce

Submitted by enr on 20 Sep 2012
6 courgettes
400 g yogurt
2 eggs
2 cup white flour
3-4 tbsp red pepper
salt, pepper
3-4 cloves garlic
butter (for greasing the pan)
sunflower oil
100 g sausage - optional
100 g cheese
Zucchini baked with sauce
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Courgettes are peeled, cut into circles, salting, and after about fifteen minutes, drain. In a bowl, stirring the flour with the paprika and a little pepper. Begin to roll zucchini in flour, brush the well, then arrange them in a greased baking dish with butter. Optional add the sausage, cut into small cubes. Pour on top with a little sunflower oil (for example, about 1 cup of coffee) and bake in the oven at 220 degrees until the courgettes not become golden brown in color. Prepare a sauce of yogurt with two eggs, a pinch of salt, pepper, cloves pressed garlic, about 2-3 tbsp of flour, which are oval courgettes. Once the courgettes are browned, pour topping with grated cheese and, and dozapicha.
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20 Sep 2012


Courgettes only one line you line up? Because they are pretty and can not think to bring one line :)

Well, I think it's better to have one line to bake better. Can be prepared and less zucchini to gather - according pan :)

Very good recipe. I do zucchini in this way, but do not put cheese. Uttering them as *tiles* with overlap one another - baked is great. NGOs occasion the question of suzi90 - the first picture is clearly seen that the rings of zucchini face - no way not to bake and so.

Very thanks! To be honest, I did not look at the photos :) Now it is clear! :)

Wonderful, yummy! ;) It remains to favorites. For sausage used smoked bacon. Even I, who am not a supporter of courgettes, I was thrilled! Mitya, thanks for the recipe! :)

I'm glad you liked the recipe :)