Biscuit cake with halva

Submitted by enr on 02 Aug 2009
100-200 g cocoa biscuits Breakfast
500 g yogurt
250 g halva
optional - bananas or other fruit of your choice, sweet, walnuts
In a baking dish with dimensions 20x20 cm ( If needed the dose may be doubled for larger form) lining up two rows of biscuits, among others, put the cream of milk and halva. The cream is prepared as halva is broken with a fork or knife, heat briefly in the microwave oven to is tender and mix with yogurt. For a richer taste put the fruit of your choice, jam, nuts (nuts dull otherwise saturated taste of halva). It takes only 4-5 hours stay in the fridge, but for best results - overnight in the refrigerator.
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02 Aug 2009


I have tried this cake with cream, but was not with biscuits. I like this option.

Very interesting cream! As overnight and becomes hard, right? Excuse me Maya, just try to imagine it. Put in the folder and quest halva!

Not Aliana not become stiff cream, biscuits are irrigated from liquid milk and cream thickens and remains the taste of halva. If you put walnuts note that dulls the taste of halva, which otherwise is quite saturated. As I noted in the recipe and put a banana and a little jam between two swamps.