Salad with turkey breast

Submitted by enr on 10 Aug 2007
1 green salad
2 tomatoes
2 peppers
250 g chanterelles
400 g turkey breast
1 bunch spring onions
500 g yogurt
2-3 cloves garlic
Salad with turkey breast
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The vegetables are cleaned and washed, lightly salting and are shaped sofa in a dish. In a pan with a little oil fry chopped turkey breast slices, then add them to the fragmented strips mushrooms and finally chopped onion rings. The mixture sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and place in an already shaped salad. Top pour about two hours previously prepared dressing of yogurt, chopped garlic, dill and parsley.
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10 Aug 2007


Mmmm straight is great. Even I can boldly say that is my favorite salad now! Looking for something just like it is a little recipe transforms it - here's how: (The finished is for 2 people for a light lunch with some bread)salad and tomatoes as much as the original recipe, pepper too - mine was baked. To vegetables added a little salt and green onions (but not a blade of a relationship!). Ahh, a little unrefined sunflower oil and mix gently. Fried things I was more at 250-300 g, 400 g and not - smoked turkey meat cut into strips, a small head red onion into thin crescents and 100-150 g of mushrooms sitnichko. Poizstinaha them as little added them to the vegetables, pour yogurt (200-300, not 500) with garlic and parsley! It was a great look much but it opatkahme favorite in no time! Good appetite of those who want to try it!