Red Beet Salad with walnuts

Submitted by enr on 16 Nov 2010
500 g of red beets
1 lettuce
50 g olives pitted
7-8 cloves garlic
50 g walnuts
1 lemon
Red Beet Salad with walnuts
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Beets boiled, peeled and cut into cubes. Add the olives, chopped dill and garlic cloves (also chopped or pressed). Pour dressing with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. All stir and serve on bed of lettuce leaves. Immediately prior to fetching sprinkle with finely ground walnuts.
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16 Nov 2010


Useful and zdavoslovna salad!

beetroot is especially useful for people with heart disease. Given that garlic lowers blood pressure and protect from viral diseases salad is really useful. I hope you and delicious.

At last I managed to photograph this salad. Do is already the fifth or sixth time, and we can not be satisfied it! The only change that I do is, I put parsley instead of dill. The last few times I'm doing it with olive oil and chili oil from pumpkin seeds - the combination is amazing and worth a try! Especially pumpkin oil fits wonderfully with walnuts. We think this is the best salad of red aech!

Rally, marvelous are your photos! Compliments from me :)

iris, thank you, dear! :) From someone like you, who does such nice pictures, it really is a compliment! :)

Rally, I'm glad you liked the salad! Me also my favorite. I like the idea of ​​pumpkin oil, next time I will try. Your pictures are very nice, one of his priyazhda just like watching them.

Milenka, your salad is great! Just for the season. I recently similar with green olives with anchovies and some feathers of green onions than garlic. Really nuts clash with many beet. A picture of Ralitsa is delicious ... Knowing the taste of the salad directly want to pricked.

Milanka Marina, thanks for the nice words about my photos :) salad inspires man wants to convey its flavor in the image :)

Thank you, Marina! You have recalled it to me this salad. My husband does not like beets, but I will buy tomorrow and will make it. I saw just shooting the rally began to swallow and preosmislyam tomorrow's menu to turn on her.

Milena, compliments of me! Very tasty photos, mmm ...! :)

Thanks! Rally photos and Marina are really tempting. Marina, I guess this is your version with green olives and anchovies. Certainly very tasty, and so will try.

Very nice recipe! I had fresh dill and used dried, and slowed the garlic in half, but get fresh and fragrant salad.