Moussaka pepper, feta cheese and eggs

Submitted by enr on 07 Aug 2011
3 eggs
250 g feta cheese (or cottage cheese)
10 roasted red peppers
1 tbsp yogurt
3-4 sprigs of parsley
2-3 tbsp sunflower oil
1 large tomato
Moussaka pepper, feta cheese and eggs
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Roasted and peeled peppers sliced. Beat the eggs and add them crumbled feta cheese, yogurt, pepper and parsley. In a small pan greased with half of the oil spread half the peppers and half of them over the mixture (the feta cheese with eggs), then repeat again peppers and order and ending with the mixture of the feta cheese and eggs. Top cover with washers fresh tomato and sprinkle the rest of the oil and bake in a hot oven (220S) for 15-20 minutes (until golden brown). Optional can be sprinkled with grated cheese and resealed 5 minutes. Obtained 4 servings. Serve warm or cold. Can be both dish and appetizer.
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07 Aug 2011
I took the idea from but I prepravimah little


I liked this recipe, but I prefer to fill the peppers with the mixture! But, and it is delicious!

I think to try raw peppers!

recipe my taste and will be put in soon.

Required will be tested in the halogen oven and will report the result adore peppers with eggs and I liked this recipe because not the traditional way of cooking.Little variety is not superfluous.Goes to *Favorites*

This recipe is a great do twice already and my kids eats it immediately. Bravo more such recipes to have quick and easy but delicious.

moussaka became great - and I will send photos;]

It was gorgeous! Insert it in the menu. Which was performed without a change in the recipe and get it.

Wonderful recipe!