Coconut candy

Submitted by enr on 25 Feb 2009
3 and 1/2 cup coconut
395 g sweet condensed milk (1 box)
coconut for rolling
Coconut candy
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In saucepan over low heat shuffle milk and chips. Stirring constantly about 4-5 minutes. Leave it to cool a little and then shape small balls that roll in coconut. We leave in the fridge to cool. They go about 60 candies. Optional inside each candy can be put in a peeled almond. Tea My cup is 240 ml.
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25 Feb 2009


I love coconut and will try them these candies :)

They look great, are already in favorites will do them soon :)

Bravo for the recipe :)

Very well seem a pity that I do not like coconut ...

I'm glad you like the recipe. :)

Easy, but looks tasty :)

They are very sweet! I love coconut and I give them a try someday.

A great recipe! Bravo!

Quick, tasty and quite good looking!

Became amazing! Bravo!

Doritos, candy glad that you like.

Last time I made them I decided to ovalyam in colored coconut, became even more interesting.

If we made a simple milk and a little sugar? Has anyone tried?

I have not tried it, but I think that will happen. Only perhaps it will have to add a little oil

But otherwise become mmm ... awesome :)

Candy my full 100% failure ... I do not know where wrong!

How was farthing not become :(? It has nowhere to get caught. I really wonder how come they have not become. I at least 4-5 times do them, no problem. Even with them the cake of a ball. not that no other sweets, but flew these kokoski ... at least 10 people I gave the recipe.

Farthing write exactly how to make them see where you are wrong.

Everything is prepared as a recipe. The mixture became super loose and I could not formed anything. Milk not mopped in coconut. Can other way to get it.

Farthing sorry that it has received. Coconut may have come in more. She mixture becomes your little loose and a little sticky, but still form balls.

You not use condensed milk, wonder how not asked in coconut.

Everything kept my recipe. Chips still looked wet while opening the package. From there can be the problem. Soon I plan to try again

become quite good! If you follow the recipe can not help but get. I added a picture and my sweets.

Benny become super!

Farthing, I think I know where he might have been the problem. For a while and I to trick and be wrong. When you buy condensed milk myalko I'd take the rare (in density like fresh milk) and what is used is very thick and sweet. A cheaper buy coconut 200 grams of Kaufland. about 1 40BGN.

sladurko but what is less condensed milk? Should if condensed milk is the same - very thick and sweet ...

I guess there Sladurko mind Evaporated milk (it is just a little -gasto than usual and not sweet) and not condensed which is sweet and thick (condensed milk).

In KAUFLAND and I stumbled upon such a rare *condensed* milk.But take a box and shook it is evident thick or is ryadko.taka that when you buy a watch.

dobar day SweetyPie. Today I tried to make them candy but something does not seem to be received. I put coconut and thick milk in saucepan over low heat and stir until it becomes homogeneous, but something became very brittle. Put even only 750 g. Coconut. If mozhe6 help in himself what was wrong.

godzila2 generally the mixture itself is not as smooth dough, and is less sticky and rohliva yet form balls. I measure coconut cups and do not know how many grams is coconut. But I think it is less than 750 grams.

Ladies should be included. T. k. already often do these candies and many like them all ... Coconut is about 250 grams. a maximum of 300 grams. (Mixture). The mixture becomes sticky. I think your problem godzila2 was a really large amount of coconut.

xevi, SweetyPie I understood it correctly. Just both milks them in the same packaging (cans) and are at similar prices and often people confuse them. But I've often seen on labels in shops designated both as condensed milk.

made a small dose (sample) and now regret. I love coconut candy and those I liked. I framed summarily - roll and then cut into slices.

Elti glad that you liked. Super idea to cut into slices.

I obviously I bought the rare condensed milk and found that it can not form a ball shattered within 4-5 biscuits and so obtain. Were super delicious, today They bought colleagues and show-stealing.

Lucha glad that chocolates have liked! Sometimes such improvisations become -vkusni.

delicious meals. Favorite of our whole family, especially if instead of half milk added nishteste vanilla pudding without cooking + a little milk :) leave in the fridge to harden and become super! :)

long I waited for this recipe today finally made it. Candy are great, we plunged half in chocolate - are also very successful :) Thanks for the recipe.

xevi glad that candy you like.

very easy and delicious, I made them for podaryk, became very spectacular, upload a photo!

great dessert. I put a whole hazelnut inside and cover with half white chocolate and remaining coconut

We really liked. I made a half dose. Become very quickly, with very few products and are great. Bravo! :)