Apple cake with almonds

Submitted by enr on 08 Jan 2011
600 g of apples
125 g almonds
100 g sugar
80 g butter
40 ml lemon juice
2 eggs
30 g flour
Apples are peeled, cleaned from the inside cut into thin slices. In 100 ml water is boiled 1 tbsp sugar. In thus obtained syrup sauté apples. The butter mix with remaining sugar, egg yolks, flour, juice and rind of half a lemon and almonds. Egg whites are broken down into the snow and carefully added to the remaining mixture. Fireproof container smeared with butter and bottom rank apples. Above mixture was poured. Cake bake on low heat 45 minutes. Serve cold, optional garnish with vanilla sauce.
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08 Jan 2011


Flour in '30? Or a mistake.

I guess this is a recipe for sponge cake. There principle is 2 eggs + 2 tablespoons flour + 2 tablespoons of sugar.

amino, not sponge, it almost does not feel very base, because it is baked almost merges with apples --gramazhat flour 30g and is not a bug :)
--Mnogo Fine and delicious cake is obtained and is always successful, do it several times lately, because we have a lot of apples :) I'll try and upload photos.

now regularly miss stifling apples in sugar water, it is again very tasty, yet fail to kachcha snmki because eats quickly reach .. :)