Homemade baklava

Submitted by enr on 25 Nov 2007
500 g ready peel
150 g butter
200 g ground walnuts
juice of 1/2 lemon
500 g sugar
350 ml water
Homemade baklava
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Corey divided into two aliquots. On any part, without separating the peel, sprinkle walnuts and spices to taste. Peel winding tight roll and cut into pieces of about 1.5 cm. The pieces are placed close to the tray so that it can be seen filling (part of it is poured, but I get it back). Circles are covered with melted butter. Bake until browned. As a cool, pour the syrup. For the syrup: sugar, water and lemon juice mix, boil and boil 15 minutes. BAKLAVA pour, stand for about 1 hr then removed in one piece from the tray, the syrup which is not imbibed poured carefully and boil for another 5 minutes. Baklava is moist again. Serve the next day.
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25 Nov 2007


This baklava in my family we call *snails*. It is very tasty, but who does not like strong spices such as allspice and cloves can not put. I especially do not use them in this recipe.

Bahar and not put cloves, but Baklava is wonderful!

This is my favorite baklava, but these spices. Top I shred lemon peel or syrup during cooking put chopped diced pieces of orange peel and pour. It delicious, beautiful and interesting.

made baklava as described in the recipe, but it became so hard that even after baking hot syrup is not helped soften after flooding. Help me understand where I'm wrong.

Well done, great looks, for the first time seeing so prepared baklava :)

For the second time doing this baklava, but nothing happens. Who has done please tell me how to make it!

This baklava I'm doing, but otherwise. Peel them turn two by two between them lightly butter and inundate them with the rest. The oil is 250 g of the syrup it Preparation of 700 g of sugar and 600 ml water. Pekka hour - hour and 15 minutes at 160 C. Bahar and cloves do not put.

I love baklava. My wife makes baklava filled, will put the recipe.

photos are great. only look to you like eating :)

goes to favorites, thanks

A few days ago I made it, it becomes very nice and appeals to all. Who loves syrupy desserts to try it! :)

I did this several times baklava, just a recipe without put allspice and cloves. It is very easy going and always incredibly delicious!

In the recipe is not mentioned that the baklava should be baked in low oven, namely to dry and be careful not to syrup thickens much. It is also better to boil slowly. Baklava is cold, the syrup is hot.

I think I'll try this option and I!

I can give you an ideal of baklava. I put a little chocolate fastak nastargan the planer. and some halva. becomes very tasty.

The first time was great too! Today I'm doing it again for an upcoming celebration! Very good recipe for baklava!

Very easy and successful as seen in the picture.

All were delighted as the type and taste! Very good, indeed! So now will prepare baklava!

Super recipe, 100% accurate and incredible result! Bravo!

The recipe is very accurate, baklava become perfect, and I have ordered the easy way for me, next time I'll try and manner which is given!

This time she had popromenih little lemon juice instead of orange peels and put a little of the juice of oranges without allspice, cinnamon 10g and 400g walnuts in syrup ... and put glucose .. has become super ... simply unique!

hour ago January syrup and attacked it already: D I think only few overdid with LIMONCHETO, but next time I'll know. Very easy and interesting as a way of cooking, thanks for the recipe! :)

like any homemade baklava. Becomes very impressive top with crushed pistachios! Thanks to the successful recipe